fifty five

March 12, 2010

It was a special day for my family yesterday…

Because it was my mommy’s birthday!!

Extra special this year because she turns 55 and she was born in the year 1955. Once in a lifetime thing that should be celebrated. My god, I have to wait until I’m 87 years old to celebrate that special thing. Don’t even know if I’ll still be around?!


Anyway, her girlfriends threw her a not-so-surprise birthday lunch at the Hilton. When my sister and I heard the venue, our stomachs and mouths were so excited. They have such good food there, although the buffet is smaller than other places. And true enough, I think both of us gained some kilos after lunch!

I tried this new strategy; the food that I reallllyyyy wanted and had the highest fat content, I would have last. So when I got there, hopefully I’ll be somewhat full and I won’t eat so much of those food. When I passed the lemang (glutinous rice), which was strategically in front of the chocolate fountain, I sent a telepathic message to them “We’ll talk later, you and I!”. Yes, I flirt with food, not men.

And it worked!!

I had soup, fish and other healthier options first. Then when I’m slightly full, I walked to the yummy, fatty stuff. And surprisingly, I wasn’t so tempted anymore. Of course I had some, but more to taste than to really eat them. I didn’t even have the chocolate fountain! But I did have umm three slices of different cheesecakes, because well…it’s stupid to go to Hilton and not have their cheesecakes made from heaven.

It was such good fun hanging out with my mom’s friends. I’ve been meeting more of my dad’s friends because of work, and as lovely as they are, there’s only so much you can say about projects and ummm…the weather?

But with the ladies, my godddd, there wasn’t a moment of silence or lack of laughter! So many stories were shared about their children, their maids, their husbands, growing old and shopping. And my god, if I had a dollar for every “Vivy, when you get married, you better make sure….this that this that….”….

It was really refreshing to be with these ladies and it was a good lunch break from the work environment.

I realise no matter how career-minded a woman is, she still has an obligation to keep her family and home affairs in check. I honestly think this is a hard thing to juggle and that is why some women unfortunately don’t have the luck of having success in both departments. Because no matter what, a woman is the heart of the home and most of the time, the responsibility of serving food on the table, washing clothes, cleaning house etc lies with the woman. I pray to God that I’ll be able to be a good career woman, at the same a good wife/mom as well.

Anyway, my mom has a dragonfruit farm so I thought it’d be cool to make a replica of her dragonfruit as her cake from Gateauxlicious.

Remember the Chanel cake they made for me?


As usual, they did an amazzzinggggg job!! Nobody wanted my mom to cut the cake because it was so nice! We did, eventually and it was really really yummy too! It was chocolate coffee yummmm




I finished work at about 8pm yesterday and had to rush like crazy to get to Mom’s birthday dinner. It was literally a throwing-things-around-the-room-where-is-my-mascara kind of havoc. We had Chinese food and my goddd, I was so full and my belly was very grateful.


To Mom (I know you’re reading this because you loveeee meeee), you must know that our family loves you so much.

You always keep us in check, always reminding us to do good and carry ourselves well and most importantly, to never forget God. You kiss me when I’m sick, you hold my hand when we cross the road (yes, even now!), and you accompany me for dinner when I’m eating late at night. It’s impossible to list down everything you do for me, but basically, you are just amazing.

When I hear about friends’ parents passing away or I learn of some people losing their mothers, I just cry. I can’t imagine life without you. Even though we have differences (different era seriously….her idea of fashion for me is a jubah), I know at the end of the day, you only want what’s best for your daughters. I never want to hurt you or ever see you even frowning, so I pray to God that you are blessed with nothing but happiness and paradise in the afterlife.

I love you with all my heart. You’re the Queen of my Heart.