heights schmeights

March 5, 2010

Work has been crazy these past few weeks.

The government is imposing IBS on construction projects and soon in 2012, they’re going to make it compulsory. So things are moving so fast for us and as happy as I am, I’m so tired!! It’s one meeting after the other and my body is still in shock. It just wants to lie down and sleep as soon as I come back from work.

And don’t even get me started on all the paperwork that are waiting patiently on my desk! I’m 2 months behind on reports!

Inhale, exhale.

OK I’m done ranting.

Now the fun side of work.

I can now confirm to you that I am NOT afraid of heights.

The sea and space, maybe. Heights, piece of cake. Hehe.

We’re in the beginning process of a construction project and we wanted to check the view from the highest level of the building. So, when I heard we’ll be going up in a crane, my first thought was “That is sooo cooolll!!”

Until I saw the crane.



Basically just a big rusty box fit for 2 people.

The crane operator looked at me, I looked at him. He stared at me, I stared at him. He looked suspiciously at my heels. I finally understood.

“Umm…itu tangga mana?” [Where is the stairs?]

“Takde tangga. You mesti panjat.” [No stairs. You have to climb]


I was trying to figure out how to climb…

“Umm…macam mana?” [How?]

“You lompat saja la.” [Jump, you dufus]

“Uh-..huh…” still analysing the rusty box.

Quite dirty, quite dented, quite unstable-looking.

“Perempuan talak naik punya.” He said to me, eyes still on my heels. “Yang saya tengok hanya itu Erra Fazira masa dia shoot itu film.” [Women don’t go up the crane, the only woman who’s gone up this crane is Erra Fazira, a Malaysian actress, when she was shooting a film]

So I’ll be the second woman up this crane?!! That’s historic. Well…between me and the guy, that’s news la.

Somehow I managed to find my way into the crane. I twisted and bent and umm lifted my leg so high that I was worried I’d rip my pants. I didn’t, though. But I’m pretty sure the whole crew there saw what colour my undergarment was. I’m telling you, there is no graceful way to get on this crane.

We had to go in twos, so my CEO and I went up first. The ride up was bumpy so I was holding on to the rusty edges of the rusty box for dear life. There weren’t any handles or whatever. Basically if the crane tumbles over, I die. It shook quite a bit, I was careful not to inappropriately clutch on to my CEO.

But when we got to the peak and the crane stabilised, the view was just beautiful. I could see KL Tower and all these little people waving. So this is what it feels like to be tall?! Hehe.


View from the top


Sorry, had to blur his face.

So we took some pictures and we got down safely.

Climbing out of the crane was also a peep show situation. I’m not very skilled. But I did it! In 5 inch heels and all! The second woman to go on that crane!

And after that all, the other staff wanted to get on it too. Of course they were smart to let me be the guinea pig! I’m sure they thought if this little girl can do it, so can we! I don’t blame them really. I’m the biggest chicken you’ll ever meet.

But a chicken who’s not afraid of heights!! Hehe.

So what’s next? Sky diving?? Pftt can do that in my sleep also.

Ok maybe not.

Pls don’t make me sky-dive.