inside scoop

March 27, 2010

It was an embarrassing “Bring Your Jakun Friend To Work” day for Asma’ last week. Hehe.

I happened to be on set in her building, and not so shyly accepted when Asma’ offered to give me a tour of her office.

Be cool, V, be cool. I told myself.


The moment I stepped into her office, my vocabulary contained nothing else except “Wow” and “OMG SOOOO CO-OOLLLL…”

Her office is a publishing house with several magazines under its umbrella. The office is cleverly designed to be an “open” concept with each magazine being allocated one row. The editor sits at the end with past magazine covers as her wallpaper. She is the “captain” who is able to oversee her “territory” hard at work on the “battle field”. (OK, I’m trying to sound creative and clever here).

Anyway, in other words, the editor is able to see what everyone is up to; whether they’re at work or on Facebook, how many toilet trips they take, how many hours they speak on the phone, and most importantly whether they even show up to work!

Very clever.

But thank God this isn’t the layout of my office. Dear God, I’ll be fired.



One magazine = one row

OK…what you’re about to see below is the thing that made my eyes go wide and maybe even teared a little.

This is the board that Vogue has in the September Issue.


I don’t actually know what the board is called in magazine language, but let’s just call it the “OMG SO COOL” board.

The OMG SO COOL board is filled with miniature pages of the magazine they’re working on that time, and everybody gets to see the magazine in one quick view. Their hard work, editing and shooting and writing, all pasted proudly on the wall. To be praised, or criticised, by the editor and her subs.

Of course the OMG SO COOL board has its downside too, because if you haven’t handed in your work, everybody will know. Kind of like the wall of shame. Hehe.

Ok….now I’m about to show you the thing that made me so excited that I was embarrassed for Asma’.

Well, actually, it’s her fault anyway because she shouldn’t have shown it to me!

She showed me….

Press kits!



Designers send magazines catalogues of their new collections that aren’t even in store yet. So magazines get to choose which ones they want to feature in their magazine. This also means that those lucky people working in magazines already know what will be in stores months ahead, and best of all, if they’re nice to the salespeople, they get to reserve the stuff!!


“OMG you’re so lucky, do you get excited everytime they send you this??”

“I get this everyday”


One ungrateful child. Hehe.

I want to take all those press kits home. Heck, I want to sleep in her office if I could.