March 10, 2010



Oh sorry, to my non-Muslims readers, that means I just finished reading the whole Quran.

OK, I know it’s a bit weird to disclose that, but I’m just so excited I can’t contain my excitement.

When I was nearing the end, I ran to my mom to share my special moment with her. She listened and read along with me, and kissed me when I read the last ayat.

It took me so long to khatam this time because of my time constraint and own lack of persistence. But it means so much more to me to khatam now as an adult, because it took my own effort reading the Quran rather than being forced by an Ustaz in mengaji class every week after school. I felt much more willing to take time to sit and read, and it really came from the heart.

I just figured I can read so many books cover to cover, why not take time to complete the Quran, THE book of Islam.


It’s cliche but there’s a certain feeling of serenity when it’s just you, your prayer mat and the Quran. You feel at peace with yourself and your surroundings, and it really pulls you back to the ground when you get lost in the materialistic world we live in now. People hurting you, people saying things about you, little arguments, little failures; they’re all soooo minor when you look at the bigger picture and when you think about God and the afterlife.

Recently, my friend Sha told me her intention of donning the hijab and told me not to tell anyone because she wasn’t ready yet. She was worried about how she’d look, how her dressing had to change, how her friends would react….all those things almost all of us worry about before the big step.

But now, she has started! She is on a “practice” basis. Some days she wears it, some days she doesn’t. And well, I think it still takes guts to actually START it. At least she’s testing out the waters. She was a bit conscious, but we all thought she looked so sweet!