mulberry show

March 14, 2010

Asma’ invited me to a Mulberry event. We were late because errr yours truly was enjoying her lunch a bit too much.

It was a very last minute plan and I realised I didn’t have anything Mulberry on me.

“Asma’, I don’t have a Mulberry bag! And I’m wearing Chanel now. Is that rude?”

“Oh pls, it’s Malaysia. Nobody cares.”

And when I saw her’, she was wearing Fendi…so phew!

I can’t speak for Asma’ but Mulberry isn’t one of my favourite brands. I usually like anything that ends with a berry (blueberry, strawberry, Blackberry) but when I hear Mulberry, I think of their Bayswater bag which I find quite plain and whenever I see people wearing it, it’s almost always brown. I get this perception of Mulberry as being quite simple and having dull colours.

But when I got to the fashion show, everything was colourful! From the decor to the macaroons to the collection, it was bursting with colours.


The collection now is more stylish and definitely caters to the younger crowd a lot more. I was so impressed.







Love this dress!




I was focusing more on the shoes and the clothes and really analysing the details.

Then, I realised that it was a fashion show for….their bags!

I didn’t even know that Mulberry in Malaysia only sells the bags and not the clothes.

There was this one top that I really wanted, and the helpful people at Mulberry were so nice to offer to get it for me from their overseas branches. I told them it’s ok! Because I had a PA in London who can check it out for me. His name is Dean. Hehe.



I got to go backstage and actually see how the models are organised and how the clothes and the bags were carefully assigned to each model who each have a picture chart on the wall showing their outfits for the catwalk.

It was my first time being backstage at a fashion show!

So this is how they do it, I thought to myself, trying hard not to look so jakun. But there I was, snapping away with my camera, so mission failed.

It was so cool! Like being in the backstage set of Victoria’s Secret fashion show or something!


Asma’ and I stayed for a while to catch up and eat those finger food they served.

The waiters were going around the place serving drinks. One waiter came up to us and offered us the drinks.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Apple and guava,” was all I heard because the music was blaring loud.

Oh sounds yummy! I reached out to take it, but something told me to ask him again.

“Sorry I didn’t hear you. What is it again?” I asked, borderline shouting.

“Apple and vodka.”

I put it back down, slightly disappointed because I really wanted apple and guava after I heard the guy! Haha. Both Asma’ and I don’t drink, so we were laughing at the close call and quickly turned to another waiter with another interesting drink on his tray. Some lychee mix thing. It was non-alcoholic because we asked…and because we weren’t giggling and stumbling into the car after. Hehe.

So, if you don’t take alcohol, just a piece of advice when going to events; ASK first before you put it in your mouth.

We each came home with a Mulberry goodie bag which contained a jar of colourful candy. If you look closely, it has Mulberry written on the sweet. So cute!! A really good gift. Yummy, too. I’m liking Mulberry already!