space-ing out

March 4, 2010

I know nothing about space. The space actually scares me because it’s just so uncertain and big and endless. I actually had a dream that I was thrown into space and I was floating (no oxygen suit thingy…my dream isn’t very intelligent). I was trying to find my way back and I was crying and crying because I was scared.

Gah, so scary!

Dean is an aeronautical engineer by qualification, so he likes to talk to me about all these space stuff. Well, not really talk to me, more like talk at me. Because I just tune out and start doing a mental list on what to buy at the grocery store later. (I actually had to bbm him before writing this “Aeronautical engineering has a lot to do with space right?”)

Our very first Malaysian astronaut launched his new book “Journey to Space” and I attended the launching which was officiated by the Malaysian First Lady.

I obviously didn’t know a thing about him except that he won against other Malaysians in pursuit of going into space. And that girls swoon over him because they think he is good-looking.

He gave his speech (quite soft-spoken in person) and he basically pointed out the purpose of him writing; to promote science and education, and to share with everyone his experience in space. How he ate, how he slept, how he was floating all the time etc.

In that 8 minutes and 42 seconds that he took to arrive in space and his 12 days there, he said he encountered some difficulties and what kept him strong were the Malaysians’ prayers and encouragement. He said he made a promise to Malaysians and he wanted to show everyone that dreams are possible. His mom, on the other hand, was crying everyday and lost 12 kg in the 12 days that he was in space.

His experience in space has given him a new perspective on life and he now wants to work on improving the condition of the world and its people. Since his space thingy, he has given more than 500 talks to different schools and 50 countries.






I got a signed copy for Dean with his name and everything! Haha. It’s funny because well, how to put this nicely?….let’s just say Dean isn’t a big fan of this guy. He was rooting for this guy instead.


Anyway, I was actually having fun at the event because I sat with a lively group of MPH General Managers. We talked about publishing, distributing, advertising etc and I learned a lot from them. But did you know that authors usually get only 10% of the book sales?!!!

What do you think of that?