there in spirit

March 6, 2010

I was so excited when I saw that I received a package from Dean today.

You know a guy loves you when he would do unconventional things for you.

Something out of the norm.

Something he could get ostracized for.

Dean did it. He went somewhere he hated. For me.

He went to….














It was London Fashion Week in London recently, and I would go each time (sans Dean of course). I love the thrill, the excitement of seeing new collection and new trends, and most of all going in a big group of girlfriends and soak up all things girly in the air.

Dean doesn’t appreciate this. At all. But he put on a thick face, swallowed his male ego and braved to the estrogenic territory because he knew I was devastated I couldn’t go.

So today I opened the package with a bigggg smile.


I thought it was just the LFW clothes, but he surprised me by throwing in some other things too!



Cookies from Buiscuiteers that I loveeee. The box is adorable.


Bazaar UK. It might have something to do with the fact that Megan Fox is on the cover.


Car magazines for my dad. Very smart boy, this Dean.


The LFW goodie bag

Now let’s move on to the crucial part. The clothes!

Dean says he couldn’t find anything nice (yes, 2 floors of clothes and NOTHING nice!) so he settled for these items.


Junkfood T-shirts for me to sleep in


Luella and Juicy Couture tops

Yes!! I think so too!!! THEY’RE THE SAME TOPS.

When I saw them, I laughed. Trust men to choose clothes for you! Hahahaa.

He’s so cute. In Dean’s defence, they are VERY DIFFERENT.

I love them all. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Dean!! 🙂

It’s really interesting to sometimes let a guy choose clothes for women because it says a lot about how he wants his woman to be. You guys should get your husband/boyfriend/friend to do it one day! As for Dean, I can deduce that he likes his girl to be feminine and simple. And more relaxed and happy when she’s at home.


But really, don’t expect them to remember to take out the price tags and receipts in the bags! Haha.

BTW, Dean just got a job offer from a well-known and prestigious firm and I’m soooooo proud of him because he went through the process independently without anybody’s recommendation or help. And the best part is…..get ready for this….. It’s in KL!!!!!! No more LDR for us soon!