tiny surgery

March 16, 2010


Since everything went well and now is just the recovery part, I can happily blog about it now. I’m on painkillers, so I’m very happy all the time. Hehe.

I actually had a dental surgery.

Hehe..that’s why I said MINOR surgery because it’s not that big a deal. But still, it involved needles and knives, so it still counts!!

There’s a section of my gum that is droopy, and although it’s not obvious unless I point it out, it still bugs me. So I wanted it removed. Yeah, this is pure vanity cosmetic surgery.

The cause of it? I’m not entirely sure, but the doctor said something about it being a “lazy” gum. Apparently as you grow up, the gum grows upwards to allow room for your teeth to grow bigger (or something like that). And my lazy gum decided it didn’t want to grow up and thought it’d be more fun to just stick onto my growing tooth.

You might not want to quote me on this. Sorry, the dentist was explaining but the shiny silver utensils on his tray distracted me.  They looked extra excited to slice my gum off. They might’ve vibrated by themselves at one point, if my eyes remember correctly!

My ever loyal sister waited the whole hour and a half. I wanted her to be in the OT with me, but once she found out there was WiFi at the dentist, it was Bye sis, Hello shopbop.com.

Dentist told me to relax and indeed, the chair was sooo comfy. They should think of adding a massage chair feature into it.

I knew I didn’t want to hear anything and I was going to close my eyes throughout the procedure, so I brought my iPod. I also had a Quran application in my iPod, so in case the pain was unbearable, I could listen to some surahs and beg for forgiveness from God! But the dentist didn’t allow iPods because he needed me to be alert for his Open your mouth wider” instructions.

I’m sure he was also worried that I would shake my head and start dancing to Lady Gaga songs. I mean, nobody wants to see that.


The surgery

He started with some jabs to numb me.

“I’m going to give you a double dose because I know how scared you are of pain.”

“Ankyew.” I managed, with mouth permanently held open wide.

This dentist is famously known for his painless jabs. Honestly, when he injects your palette, gum or whatever, you don’t feel a thing! You might feel something touching you, but that’s just it. He takes a really long time for injection because he is so meticulous.

Even so, fear of needles took over me and I still needed to hold the nurse’s hand. This is standard procedure for me. Anything with needles, wax strips, basically PAIN, I need to hold someone’s hand. ANYBODY. It’s basically a Hi, my name is Vivy. We don’t know each other but can I borrow your hand for a few seconds, thanks.” SQUEEZE.

After the jabs, I couldn’t feel a thing. I was paralysed on the left side of my mouth and maybe also my left nostril. The dentist asked me to rinse my mouth on a couple ocassions and it was hilarious. I couldn’t feel anything, so any water that came in my mouth flowed back out and dribbled down my chin. Not advisable to bring along someone you want to impress. My lip was swollen and I looked like a duck.

I closed my eyes the entire time. I refused to allow myself to see anything in case a big chainsaw is right above my eyes.

So I don’t really know what happened. Basically, some pokes into my gum, some scrapings on my teeth, some yanks here and there, some clink-clunks of utensil, and the scariest sound of all….I heard a big “ZZZZZZINNGGGG….ZZZINNNGGGG.” I knew that was the blade/knife whatever (in my head, it was a chainsaw). It was so scary because I knew it was then that he was slicing my gum off. I imagined some bloody bits flying everywhere.

Think happy thoughts, I told myself.

I’m in a Chanel store….I see a beautiful bag ….I pick up the bag…..I walk to the counter….



Ok no happy thoughts. Just sleep, sleep!

No no, don’t sleep!! You might accidentally close your mouth and he’ll slice your lip off.

Omg it was a few minutes of helplessness, curiosity, fear…all rolled into one!

Some more things happened but I don’t recall. Whoever invented drugs for medical purposes, God bless you.

Then I felt some thread on my lips. Oh he’s sewing me up. That’s great!! It’s almost finished!!

Suddenly the nurse held my hand.

What the…?? Why is she holding my hand??? Is there a problem?!! I was perfectly fine and this nurse is holding my hand!! At this point I was nervous. But everything was actually fine, she was just being nice. Phew!

Dentist patted my back,OK, finish! I had to cut a bit more of the gum, a bit of the tissues, and scraped off the bone which was quite hard, so it took a long time…bla bla bla…” I stopped listening before I fainted.

I said thank you to him and the nurses and saw myself out.

“Look, look!” I lifted my lip excitedly to show my sister, my mom and aunt (who both came later).

A few minutes later

How stupid I was to be excited.

The numbness was fading and I could feel pain. Omg I was such a grouch.

“DRUGS!! Where are the drugs?” I searched in the car on the way home. “I can’t find the drugs! Did Mom take the painkillers with her to lunch??? OMG I want painkillers!!”

My sister and the driver just kept quiet.

It was actually right next to me in a little plastic bag. “Oh wait, don’t worry everybody!! It’s here! It’s here!! Don’t panic,” when clearly I was the only one hyperventilating.

I popped out the painkillers.

“No! The nurse said you can only eat it after meals!” My sister said.




At home

I was treated like a proper sick person. It was so nice!

I chose to stay in Opah’s room (because it’s conveniently near the kitchen and Opah has a little bell whenever she needs anything. Guess who had the bell today!)

I could only eat on the right side of my mouth, so I had to position the spoon in such a way to allow that. It was pretty difficult because it was painful to open my mouth for the spoon.

So I resorted to sucking in food. Ice-cream, porridge….I literally sucked them out of the spoon with the right side of my lip.


It was much easier using a straw to “drink” my McDonalds chicken porridge.


And how can you not want the chicken nuggets when you go to McDonalds?! So stubbornly, I had them. But I had to eat them like this.


Which sucks because since they were such cute little pieces, my Little Niece came, saw and conquered.

I was busy showing everyone at home the stitches etc. Opah was busybody and wanted to see too, but since her eyesight isn’t amazing, she had to use a torchlight. HAHHAA.


“Eeee don’t show me, don’t show me! Go away.”

“Just now you said you wanted to see!!”


It’s still a bit bloody and swollen, but the pain is slight and bearable. The only thing is I can’t laugh or stretch my lips too much. Which is hard because I’m so funny. HAHAHAHA. Oww! Crap.

I’m on painkillers and I just had the drowsy kinds a few minutes ago. So far, I’m not feeling sleepy, but it’ll be funny if I conk out right after this post.

Because I have to rest, I have a lot of time now which sucks because I just can’t sit still. So I brought some work home to complete, chose a book to read and will watch some How I Met Your Mother reruns.

I would post up before and after pics, and I’d love to show you the current condition of my teeth with bits of stitches showing….but most of you have to eat later, so I won’t deny you your appetite.

Now, please, enjoy your crisps, keropok, peanuts, biscuits and other yummy hard solid food that I bitterly cannot eat now.

I hope you don’t choke on them. -__-