two generations

March 21, 2010

Amidst busy schedule and chasing dreams, sometimes we forget to spend time with the ones who really deserve our utmost attention. Not the “Hi, what are you up to today, have you eaten, have you showered, ok Bye” kind of moments. But real quality moments.


Today my mom and I spent time together. She’s a very very homely person and to get her out of the house is like dragging a person to jump off a cliff. But I put on my youngest-child charm and managed to take her out for lunch. And gasp, also some shopping time.

“Opah, do you wanna come? All you have to do is sit on your wheelchair and I’ll push you anywhere you want!” I asked my grandmother.

“Zzzz” was the only reply I got.

So, off I went with my mom. Oh we had so much fun together, and well if you know my mom, fun is not the first thing that comes to mind! Haha. I’m joking, Mom. (Well…half joking)

I love going out with her because she has so many doa’s to get parking! Seriously, when you go out with her, you will have no problem parking your car! There’s always a spot next to the entrance.

We ate and had quality conversation. About marriage, commitment, growing up, family life, career. Of course, knowing my mom, she will somehow link all that back to Islam and how God is the utmost priority in life. That’s my Mommy.

I took her shopping and forced her to pick out clothes for me. Typical of her, she’ll only pick out the huge baggy clothes that are at least XL in size, and put them in front of me.

“This is nice!” Holds up a hideous long sleeve tunic with neckline all the way up to your ears.

“But I like this!” I point to a decent long sleeved shirt.

“Oh no….That’s too sheer. Why not just not wear anything?” Umm…the shirt even had LINING inside it.

“I like this!” I point to a sleeveless top.

“Did they forget to sew the sleeves on? You’re going to have to wear something over that.”

“Ok….I like this.” I hold up something super decent that was my size.

“Do they have that in M? You should wear loose clothes! You’ll look lovely. In fact, you should start wearing baju kurungs out.”


“Oh Mom, you’re so cute. I’ve seen those pictures of you when you were my age…..those hotpants looked really comfortable.”

Mom kept quiet.  “It was different back then!” is the standard Mommy answer. (I’m sure most of you have heard this before)

I picked up some tops that were one size bigger than my usual size (because my ears were hurting from Mom’s just-like-a-gift,-a-woman-should-be-wrapped-nicely lecture).

We went to the counter and I looked at her.

She understood.

I smiled.

She walked away. “I’ll wait outside.”

“But Mo-ommmmm….”

“You’re working now. I shouldn’t have to pay anything for you anymore.” She smiled slyly and continued walking.

“If I knew I was paying, I would have bought that miniskirt you hate.” I called out, but to no avail.

The lady at the counter looked at me, slightly bored.

I handed her my worn-out credit card.

Afterwards, we went inside another store. “Mom, which ones do you like for me?” I pointed to a range of colourful bikinis with very minimal cloth. Just for fun. Hehe.

As human beings, we sometimes hurt one another, raising our voice to our parents, showing tantrums. Maybe less as we enter adulthood, but I’m sure I did that a lot as a hormonal teenager. So, if we follow the Islamic way, we should always ask for forgiveness from our parents everyday.

“Ma….You forgive me for all my sins, right? All the times I raised my voice and don’t listen to you?”

“Ohhh…there were lots of those times!” She joked. (I think)


She laughed. “Of course I forgive. I’m your mother. I know you and your sister are good kids.” After she saw the smile on my face, she  just had to add, “Well, maybe just bearable.”

Gee, thanks a lot.