yee sang

March 8, 2010


In the spirit of One Malaysia-ness, I also celebrated Chinese New Year! Not a surprise anyway. People giving out red packets of money to complete strangers who aren’t married….sounds like a fantastic idea!! I had to get in on that.

And also….chinese food!!! Chinese cuisine is one of my favourite cuisines and I’m always up for Chinese food. Besides the food, spinning that table top is pretty cool. I did that as a kid with any other available kid to see who can spin the fastest, we were real nuisances. But the thing about Chinese food is that it’s only nice if you have a big group of people to eat with.

I celebrated with a group of primary school friends who I admittedly don’t see very often. And it was so nice to catch up as mature adults.

We had yee-sang, and the boys had a genius idea to add oranges in it. Orange and salmon?? No thanks. Not to mention the obvious; vegetables! I didn’t eat it in the end, but I hope it won’t hinder my 2010 prosperity!! Although my purse seems to be thinning these days…but I have a feeling that is somewhat contributory negligence on umm my part.



I also had a company lunch to honour the hard-working Chinese staff in our working family. As usual, lots of burps and rubbing belly for all of us. We just loveeeee office lunches.


All the single ladies! Put your chopsticks up!

The only unmarried girls in the office.



Yee-sang again.


Shark’s fin soup


Buttered prawn


Roasted chicken


Steamed fish


Fried fish


Sizzling beef


Kailan with garlic


Broccoli and mushroom


Red bean pancake


Dragonfruit from our own farm.

Ugh. This is why I rarely do food posts.

*stomach grumbling like mad even though I had a big lunch*

For all of you dieting people who are suddenly hungry, I apologise. If it makes you feel any better, my first stop after this is the fridge.

Chinese New Year is over now!

But you can still stay in the mood with Xpax’s Big Freekin Sale.


You can get so many things for your phone there. Facebook updates, Blackberry packages, games, songs, and caller ring tones. It’s like a little mall for your phone to get lost in. Also, while your mobile phone is shopping, you, the owner, can also win some cool prizes! They have so many promotions and contests, I can’t even keep track. So why don’t you check it out for yourself here?

I still hear some Chinese music whenever I call some of my Chinese friends. And I find myself humming the catchy tune afterwards! I have no idea what I’m saying, but hey, it’s really catchy!

I want to take Mandarin classes, btw. So after this, I shall learn and belt out a big Chinese number to my friends! Haha. Ok maybe not. I’ll save them the horror.