an evening in india

April 27, 2010

I’ve always been amazed by Indian culture.

Their beautiful saris that never seem to fall off, how every Indian knows how to dance, how every movie breaks my heart because someone must die, and how every Indian lady I know have thin and sexy legs. No freakin fair.

And now to add to the list; I’ve realised that Indian models are HOT.

Super HOT.

An evening in India. That was the theme of the charity dinner that Toots and I attended last weekend.

The show was filled with performances and lucky draws. I didn’t win anything. Seriously, this bad luck has got to stop. Next event, I’m winning something!! I can feel it in my bones.

It’s so refreshing to see how Indians are very proud of their culture. These ladies danced in perfect rhythm and you can really see the joy in their eyes. They really put their heart into their traditional dance and that’s something to look up to.

I shall start learning how to joget soon.

There was also some ballroom and salsa dancing which was a bit random because it had nothing to do with India.

Then the lights went off. At first I got worried that someone was out to get the Queen (she graced this dinner) or something. Clearly I’ve been watching too many action movies.

Then the lights went on again and the models were ready on stage, like mannequins.

That model in pink was especially hot. Toots and I put our spoons down and started questioning God.

There were also male models which you know…is always a good thing.

There was also a fashion show on some Indian-inspired Malay traditionalwear.

And then the finale which was the best part.

You know how in Indian films, every hero and heroine has to dance together and lipsync to songs? Yeah, I got to see that live.

It was so cool! Like being in an actual Bollywood film where I was one of the extras whose face never gets shown.

I’ve never seen a fashion show like this and it was definitely an experience to remember.

I think men should leave the dancing to the girls. And I swear I have girlfriends who agree with this view. No matter how hot a guy is, I’ll burst out laughing when I see him dance. One of the reasons why I never really dated a clubber. I saw Dean dance once and he almost became single.

This has an opposite effect when women dance.

When the hot Indian women shook their booties on the runway, the men were salivating. (Toots and I were watching this one lady who had such a masam face the entire fashion show. Her partner? Very very happy man)

Toots and I came to an agreement that Indian women are some of the most beautiful women on earth. They have really sharp features, thick long black hair, strong jaws, gorgeous long legs, sexy bottoms and big seductive eyes. I really don’t blame that masam-faced woman’s partner.

Most of the songs were surprisingly familiar to me. *Looks at racks of Bollywood film DVDs and blushes*

JAI HO….You are the reason that I breatheeeeee…lalalala….

OK I’ll stop.

But come on, everybody needs a good sappy love story where there’s forbidden love and sacrifice and whatnot. Always 3 hours of waterworks there.

Yes, I wanted to join the models dance on stage.

But don’t worry, I didn’t. I kept my butt glued to the seat.


I heard there was a dance floor for the after-party.

Can’t believe I missed that!

Could’ve worked my Kuch Kuch Hota Hai moves!!