construction on site

April 7, 2010

I recently visited a construction site that uses our IBS products.

Pride filled my heart when I saw how nice and clean the site was, and how the houses were perfectly erected.

Straight, neat, strong; it was exactly how we market it to our clients and potential clients. We tell it like it is.

This project is the government’s initiative to give Orang Asli proper housing for them to live comfortably. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding Orang Asli, because NGOs want to preserve their habitat and native lifestyle, but government is trying to develop the country as a whole without leaving anyone behind.

But that’s not the point of my post. I simply want to share with you the pictures of these houses in construction.

As explained in my IBS post, the IBS blocks we offer are interlocking in that they have tongue and groove to ensure easy installation and straight alignment.

The biggest advantage is that it’s cheaper than conventional, and it’s super super fast. We can build a house like this in 10 days. It takes me longer to order custom-made shoes!





I was the only woman in that visit! 30 men surrounding me. Before you get excited for me, let me clarify that they were all married.

So, nothing to get excited about really. I didn’t even bother with lipstick.




Erm, probably the wrong day to wear stilettos. But still, I survived the construction site! Girl power.