curly bread

April 24, 2010

Weekends are when I can really spend time with Opah. And as usual, she’s always so appreciative and welcoming me with open arms. Ahh nothing like a grandma to really spoil you and think you are the most amazing creation God has given her.

If you’re a Proudduck regular, you probably remember the time we got Opah a handphone after she almost burned our ears with her nagging.

Yeah, well…

Do you know how many times she has used it?


Do you know who called her the two times?


Besides that, no one bothers calling her because she doesn’t know how to pick up. She doesn’t even know if it rings!

Sometimes, her phone does ring and she just looks around, slightly confused.


“How do you put the radio on your phone?” she asked me one day.

“What radio?”

“Your phone always has songs coming out of it.”


I really didn’t get this at the time.


“That means people are calling me, or I got an SMS or an email.”

“What’s email?”

That’s right, open your mouth some more next time, V – I imaginarily kicked myself.

So for 10 minutes, I had to explain this concept to her; how we write to each other using the Internet for free.

She stared at me after I was done.

“Can you buy me those curly bread you sometimes eat?”

I swear, attention span of a fish. I would’ve had more satisfaction explaining the email concept to my nephew! Or the wall!!

Oh btw, by curly bread, she meant croissants.

She’s so cute!! I love to just jump on her and give her a big wet sloppy kiss on the cheek. Annoys the hell out of her, but I know she loves it.

But honestly, I don’t know where she gets her fashion sense from!

Purple snowcap, floral blouse, batik “skirt”, navy socks.

I told her she needed a makeover and that no one really mixes prints together.

Her reply?

“Uh-huh. Anyway, don’t forget my curly bread.”

Sigh. Lost cause, this one.