double take

April 5, 2010

Why ducks are the best ๐Ÿ™‚


Nowadays I like to watch How I Met Your Mother before I go to bed. Just unwind and relax with some comedy, and then go to bed feeling relaxed and happy.

It’s a good form of exercise too; laughing. Yes, I’m so lazy, even moving my lips counts as exercise.

I think the show is flawless! The actors are amazingly talented, the writers are really clever, the jokes are so witty, and the clothes are generally nice (I always always focus on the clothes when watching reruns).

But then I saw a mistake!

Remember the time Barney gets slapped by every single chick he chats up? Because a mysterious girl (Britney Spears) comes in to warn chicks about Barney? Well they played that scene of Britney warning Lily in 2 different episodes.

The first episode we only a glimpse of her, but we never find out who the mystery girl is.


A few episodes after that, we find out who she is; Britney. But they re-enacted the exact same scene again.


Britney and the “lookalike” have different hairstyles! Whoopss…

No, I’m not sad.

I like to think of it as me having great analytical skills, thank you very much.

Ok maybe a little sad.