fashion schmashion

April 19, 2010

Calvin Klein

ยฃ1860 !!!

Either I really don’t get fashion these days, or this girl is shoplifting a watermelon.

Sometimes we women get so caught up with trends that we don’t realise how stupid we look from a layman’s point of view.

Yeah, yeah, fashion, individualism, all that jazz. But seriously, that girl is being vaccuumed from the side.

Dean’s biggest pet peeve is girls in high waisted pants.

I actually think some girls look really hot in them, but he just doesn’t get them.

Once, he actually tucked in his shirt and pulled up his pants all the way to his chest.

I laughed so hard a little drink came out of my nose.

“What are you doing?!”

“Do I look stupid?”


“Do girls realise this is how they look when they wear high-waisted pants?”