from kl to kk

April 30, 2010

If you’ve been following my Twitter, you probably read that I’m in Sabah now. I’ve never been here before and I’m so excited to be here!

It’s my first trip with just male colleagues. Usually, I’ll have my dad if there’s no other lady, but this time I’m alone. It feels good to be a bit more independent! But seriously, I’m going around with like 10 other men and people are giving me weird looks. I feel like such a player. More women should join the construction industry!!

Oh, it was sooo hard for my dad to let me go on this trip at first. I insisted on going, so he insisted that my mom followed. Err I probably shouldn’t have laughed at his face when he suggested that.

But anyway, we compromised and came to an agreement; I could go alone, but I’m constantly on BBM with him. Annoying, but he’s my boss so technically I have to report to him. Being his daughter just meant I have to report thrice as often.

My mom didn’t mind as much, as long as I kept to my prayers. When I call her, instead of the “How’s my daughter doing?”, it’s “Have you prayed?! You better pray. Don’t miss your prayers, even if you’re busy.”

My parents are too cute.

Hello from KK!

Sabah is so serene! The view of the sea is just beautiful and I can’t imagine anyone actually working here. If I lived here, I’d be relaxing everyday. Too bad I’m here for work. If not, my first stop would be by the beach somewhere. Anywhere! If there’s sand and sun, there’ll be me and my straw hat.

As soon as I landed, I was taken to lunch at Jesselton point. This was the point where the last British governor waved the Sabahans goodbye as they faked farewell tears. Inside, they were going, “Yes!!! Go away!! Merdeka!!”

As a remembrance, they placed two infamous British telephone booths. It was so random! I missed London right away.

Back in the hotel room, I had some time to kill before the next meeting. I drew the curtains and saw this. A hanging Digi mascot. Wow, they really do follow you wherever you may go!

Then I saw colourful umbrellas by the sea. Pasar malam!! I love pasar malams. Decided to drag my colleague to soak up the Sabah pasar malam scene while waiting for the sunset.

Fresh seafood, their speciality.

Breathtakingly romantic.

We sat down to have a drink by the waterfront. I ordered this drink called “Iced Sabah Tea” thinking it’s some exotic drink. Well, I got conned because it was basically teh o ais.

For dinner, we had lots of seafood. I ate one of the biggest cockles that has ever entered my stomach.

And yummy butter prawns.

One little issue though….I am allergic to seafood. If I eat too much, on unlucky days I’ll get some rash. This was one of those days. I was scratching the night away.

There was a dance show during dinner and it was fun to watch!

Some other pictures of Sabah:

Really makes you feel like booking a holiday soon right?


You’re not alone there.

I really wanted to dip my feet in the water….OK, more realistically, sip mocktails while suntanning.

But no, had to act professional the whole time.

There was this one time I couldn’t help but be myself.

I saw a cow.

I was visiting rural parts of Sabah and on the way, I saw a cow!! I was sooo excited!! The last time I saw a cow was in my late grandmother’s kampung and that was decades ago! Where on earth would you see a cow crossing the road in the city of KL?

They stopped the car for me to take a picture. Well, they had to anyway. I was embarrassingly squealing, “Oh wow!! A cow!! A cow!!”

It looked so cute. I know cute isn’t what people associate cows with, but just look at him/her! Minding his/her own business away from other friends, chomping on grass, just relaxing while watching cars go by.

The cow didn’t look excited to see me. He/she was probably shocked to see someone actually stopping to snap a photo of him/her. I wouldn’t be too amused either.

Sorry lah… jakun a bit.

P/S: To readers who emailed me, I’ll reply soon k? Sorry for the delay, work is crazy!! But thank you so much for the emails. I really appreciate them 🙂