inner child

April 22, 2010

Work has been demanding, a lot of meetings yada yada yada. It’s extremely exciting, but at the same time, exhausting.

That’s why I appreciate my nephew and niece so much.

Without them, I wouldn’t have toys to play with. (I’m the most excited when they get new toys, btw)

NO, I REFUSE to accept that I’m too big for this ball thingy. It’s the tub that is small.

And then, when I’m done playing, Kimora and I will be in the fab lane. Well, I’ll be watching her in the fab lane; I will just be on the couch pigging out on some takeaway.

Just look at Niece eye-ing my kuey teow! If I don’t give her some, she just stares and drool. I swear.

That’s when Nephew and Niece will come bug me and change the channel to some Disney whatnot.

I complain.

But I secretly love these moments.

And I secretly think Totally Spies is totally awesome.

What a nice thing to come home to after work.

Totally Spies, I mean.