lego for adults

April 17, 2010

Seeing is believing.

But doing is a whole other level.

As part of our expansion plan, we have set up our own in-house IBS Training Centre.

We can only take a few participants at a time, and the response was overwhelming! We had to turn companies down! Contractors, developers, engineers were interested in our IBS products and during this training session, they were taught to use our IBS technology and see for themselves the real deal.

Every single staff in the office was so busy setting up this training centre and preparing modules etc. Everyone played a role and was supportive. I’m so happy to have such dedicated colleagues.

The day before the training session (I missed a fashion event for this, btw!! But it was worth it :))




I had the easy task to err sort out the candy.


But my sister had the easiest! Just watch the printer burp out papers.

The participants were CEOs and bosses of companies involved in construction, so you can imagine the level of perfection we wanted to maintain! It was so funny seeing them actually squatting down and getting their hands dirty. Funny, but we were biting our nails and asking them if they’re ok. And kept giving them water in case they were tired.




The practical training meant that they had to build a small house on their own. We were quite worried at how they would handle it, but my god, these guys were so cooperative!

“This is fun! Lego for adults!” they said, smiling to the camera.

They were really interested in the products and they were amazed at how simple and fast it actually was.

In TWO DAYS, this is what they had built.


They seemed so excited at what they had made with their own hands! They have probably never built a house by themselves before, and we kinda forced them into doing so! Hehe. I bet they would appreciate their labour workers so much from now on. I know I do!

During the presentation of certificate ceremony, all of them said they had a very good experience and this was a training they will never forget. Alhamdulillah, we even secured deals while at it!

Phew… The first batch was a success! The Chairman is happy and all of us can get reacquainted with our beds again!


Yeah, not the most stylish thing in my closet…