toots turns 23

April 4, 2010

My best friend, all grown-up. 23 but 40 years old at heart.

We were both pretty busy leading up to her birthday so we didn’t really plan anything. That’s what I thought. Then, I thought, “Oh crap, her birthday’s coming. Maybe she’s expecting a surprise birthday party?!!”

I was writing a report, but quickly reached for my phone and I so politely sent her a text.

“Please be informed that there will be no surprise birthday party for you. Kindly arrange your own guest list and venue. Failure to do so will result in no birthday party for you.”

Her reply was typical.

“AWWWWW…You don’t have to go through all that trouble to hide it! It’s ok, I won’t tell anyone. Shhhhh. Wink.”

Okla, think whatever you want to think. With that, I carried on with my report.

But a few days passed and we were getting closer to her birthday. Still no news from her! OMG, I thought, this girl was serious!

So fine….as busy as I was at work, I told her, “OK, I’m throwing a surprise birthday party for you. Who and where?”

I bugged her with wanting a guest list (since we don’t really have the same circle of friends) and preferred venue (since our taste in food is different). Why on earth are we best friends?!!

She couldn’t decide on the date, the venue, the time! I swear I wanted to kick her.


After a few indecisive conversations, going back and forth and several death threats from my side, we didn’t manage to get her friends together on her birthday. It’s been postponed to next week.

But don’t worry, she had a good dinner with her family and her best friends. And I believe she has some special thing lined up tonight, involving tiaras and cameras (I don’t know…don’t ask!). Oh and a special phone call made her grin so wide the whole day (and also became the only conversation at dinner and afterwards too…yawnnn).





Hers and hers necklace; Toots & Titts. As you can see, I had the terrible end of the bargain when we chose the names.


I wuvvy wuv you. 🙂