9 month checkpoint

May 13, 2010

It’s only been 9 months since I’ve started work. What?!!! Feels like ages.

Working in the construction line means I get to meet lots of men. Hehe.

But they’re all either married, or bald (here, bald means old. I know lots of young hot bald people, like Nicholas :))

OR they just smile when you say anything to them because they don’t understand English.

Hehe. God bless them, these lovely workers!

But it’s OK. It’s not like I’m single and available anyway. *waves shyly at Dean*

I’m now in the business development side, whatever that means. Basically to develop the business. Which means I have to meet people and market the business. Which means I’m a marketer. And when you market a product, you have to know almost A-Z about the business. You are in action, people ask you questions and you’ve got to think on your feet quickly to answer. It’s not an easy task because the image of the company lies in you when you meet people.

Once, I was showing someone a picture of a completed project we have done, and he asked me, “Where is this?”

“In Terengganu.” I answered complete with the area and all.

It was my bad luck that the guy was from Terengganu! So he knew the area at his fingertips. “Ohhhh is it near so and so?”

Thank God I had my director with me, so he came to my rescue. The truth is that the project done way before I joined the company so I had never been to the site! How was I to explain what was near it?!

But that wasn’t an excuse. To be a good employee, I should know my stuff before telling people. Especially since this is my family company, I had better buck up and not take things lightly. The pressure is double. That has always been my motivation.

Since then, I have been in the fast lane. Well, not to the extent that I visited each completed project all over the world! That would be tiring. I was hungry to learn, but everybody was busy with their own things and I couldn’t expect them to spoonfeed me every single information. So I did things quietly. I studied every project and checked the correspondence between all parties involved. I did my own analysis and Excel reports. I studied the products and its application. I printed out my own BQs (Bill of Quantities) to study costs of each material (not easy to memorise each one). I’ve made friends with people in the construction business and made them explain things I didn’t understand.

Sometimes, it’s pretty frustrating when you have people who think the bosses’ children don’t work. There are even some idiots who tell it to your face and expect you to laugh with them. I do laugh (simply because I don’t find it fruitful to argue with these kind of people), but inside I’m thinking what a shallow, judgmental person you are. Of course there are some who never even come to work, but there are many who take pride in the responsibility and are working hard.

Sometimes, they want to work even harder, but because they’re new, they don’t know where to start. Especially me, coming from a legal background, I am now practically learning to be an engineer!! With all the technical jargons and learning how to read structural plans etc, it’s all an alien concept to lawyers! But Alhamdulillah, I think I’m catching things up pretty fast.

The key is initiative. Yes, ask people, but also find things out yourself, meet people yourself, search for files yourself. That determination, coupled with guidance from my dad; I have much more to learn of course and I really hope I’ll go far one day.

Heck I even made them teach me to drive the tractor! Verdict: Not best done in heels.

People are going to put you down, or judge you with every single movement. Some people will refuse to accept that you are becoming more of a career person and still see you as the person you were in school. Some people resent the fact that you’re the bosses’ child and think you’re undeserving. And when they see you blooming a little bit, they don’t like it.

Never mind them. Sometimes we care so much about what people think. We are not there to prove anything to them. Just do it for ourselves and our family. That’s exactly what I’m doing. 🙂