big mosquito

May 7, 2010

Leukemia. Cervical cancer. Breast cancer. Lung cancer. AIDS. Heart attack. Diabetes.


We are hearing this everyday. People dying, people being diagnosed with all sorts of diseases. It’s really scary. Maybe it’s our food, unhealthy lifestyle or just unlucky genes. Maybe even fate.

Whatever happens happens. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to take care to protect ourselves.

So I bravely stepped up and did a blood test. A full check-every-tiny-dot-in-my-body test.

Ugh, you have no idea how scared I am of PAIN.

I hate blood tests.

I’m not particularly scared of needles. Scared of needles means you can’t even look at a needle right? As in, if you enter a room and you see a needle, you run out of the room right? Yeah, well, I won’t run. I’ll just sit there and do my work as per normal. But stick it in me, and I’ll kick you in the nuts and call your mother for raising you up to be so rude.

I am not scared of needles. I am scared of pain.

Ok, it doesn’t make sense anymore. Maybe I am scared of needles. Ah whatever la. THAT IS NOT THE POINT.

Anyway, I took a blood test.

You have to fast for many hours before they can take a blood sample. And I can’t not have breakfast. So boy, was I hungry in the waiting room. My stomach made some grrrr sound, and I looked at this one guy near me. Gave everyone else that what’s-up-with-this-guy’s-tummy look.

I was No. 1028. Shivering at this point. Ahhh, I want my mommy.


My number was up.

There’s still time to run. Run!

But no, I wanted to get myself checked. This is for my own good.

The lady sat me down. Wrapped my arm with that blood pressure kit. Dabbed my arm with some antiseptic thing.

“Erm, how many tubes are you taking?”

“Four tubes.”

“WHAT?!!!!” I exclaimed a little bit loudly. “I mean….what?” I whispered.

“Yeah, you’re doing a full blood test right? That’s four tubes.”

My god, that’s almost a drink.

“It’s ok, just think of it like a small mosquito bite.


She unwrapped the needle wrapper.

I squealed.

“That is huge!”

“Huh? Nolah, this is baby needle!”

I’d hate to think what they use on grandmothers.

Suddenly, I saw a lady sitting at the counter outside. “Umm, can you call your colleague in please?”

The lady looked slightly confused, but called her colleague in anyway.

“Hi,” I said to her. “Umm, this is awkward but can I hold your hand?”

I could feel the needle poking into my arm.

I didn’t just hold that stranger’s hand. I clung on to her arm and banged my head on her stomach. I might have even wrapped my legs around her.

Man, drug addicts are stupid.

(OMG MY LEFT ARM IS FEELING SO WEAK AS I WRITE THIS. Traumatised with the flashbacks of horror.)

“All done!”

Two words that made me fall in love with the blood-sample lady.

I was all happy, until I looked to my left and saw this.

Four tubes of mosquitoes’ dinner.

Off I went, knees wobbling out of the room.

Anyway, my blood test results came and I’m happy to inform that I’m a healthy duck. 🙂 Insyaallah.

Almost wished I didn’t go through the pain. Pftt.

But no, it was worth it because I am now walking around smiling knowing that I’m alright.

So happy that I decided to have a nice delicious cake session with Michelle. Clever right? Gatal want to clog our currently unclogged arteries.

Chocolate cake and Berrilicious chocolate pavlova

But it was just this ONE time. After this, you’ll see Michelle and I in vegetarian restaurants.