fashion tribute to softness

May 5, 2010

Remember when Toots and I went for the Bollywood fashion show?

I forgot to mention how sad we were when Toots BBMed me, “I’m so excited!!!!!! OMG should we buy some sari?”

We really need to go out more.

That’s the fun thing about being a blogger – you get invited to fashion shows and all sorts of events!

Nuffnang has asked me to cover this upcoming fashion show, in collaboration with Johnson’s Body Care, specially designed for women! So excited!

I love fashion shows because that is where you get the REAL review of clothes before anyone else does; the way it flows, the real colours, the feel of the material (well, if you can get backstage. If not, just reach out your arm and touch the model on the runway). Fashion shows are the make it or break it for designers and that’s why it’s always an important moment for them.

The theme of this fashion show is Softness, so expect lots of chiffon and soft colours. My favourite kind!

The designers are….


Carven Ong and PU3, some of Malaysia’s hottest young designers.

They are using beautiful soft skin as the muse and inspiration for their designs. I’ve seen their sketches (you can too by joining the So Soft, So Johnson’s fanpage) and my god, these pieces better be on sale on that day. Their masterpieces will be worn by various celebrities, who will strut their stuff on the runway.

Join me at SURIA KLCC Centre Court on Friday 14th of May 2010. And don’t forget your cameras!

There will also be a contest that you can participate in to win EXCLUSIVE one of a kind prizes. If you’re as excited as I am, join the So Soft, So Johnson’s Facebook fanpage today to find out more! You can also see some behind the scene pics which are really cool.