harper’s bazaar photography

May 16, 2010

I went for the Harper’s BAZAAR Fashion in Focus ‘Fantasy’ photography exhibition before my flight to Shanghai.

Was quite tired because I had another event right before it (Johnson’s Body Care fashion show, will blog about that soon!) so excuse the messy hair, senget belt and whatnot!

But am so glad I attended because I saw some of the most beautiful pictures ever by Harper’s BAZAAR. And there was also the bonus point of catching up with friends!

My dress was specially made by these wonderfulllll Mimpikita ladies. I didn’t do it much justice!

It’s really cruel to do an event in a mall, where I would be surrounded by shops. Sigh…. Asma’ wasn’t much help because she was all “Nice, nice, buy, buy!”

I took pictures of the photographs that I found captivating:

My favourite-EST of them is this Lucy Liu one. I just love the colour, the soft flow, her expression, her pose, everything!

Which one is your favourite?