indonesian pavillion at world expo 2010

May 27, 2010

One of the few pavillions I visited was Indonesia.

Out of all the Asian ones, I think Indonesia was the best. It was creatively done, keeping the traditional intricacies in tact.

The concept was basically a huge zigzag of pathways. You start from bottom, walk all the up, and when you’re at the peak, you will walk back all the way down. To your left and right there will be displays of their country and its resources. They were really clever in designing this because all visitors will have to go through the WHOLE pavillion. There were no emergency exits. If you wanted to come out, you would have to jump off.

And die.

The pavillion was decorated with a lot graphic backdrops and when I think back, this fact alone made the pavillion look full-er than it actually was. There wasn’t necessarily many things on display, but the colourful background on your left and right really had that wow effect.

This was real stone coming out of the backdrop.

Indonesia was really clever to have a booth specifically for business purposes. Visitors interested to invest in Indonesia can visit this section and thorough information will be given. I spent a few minutes here. Very nice and knowledgeable ladies.

The canteen

The huge seating space. You can see Malaysian pavillion in this pic.

This was really random. There was no signage to explain this money-giving area. I’m guessing people liked the pavillion so much that they decided to give back and donate some RMBs.

INDO MEE !!! My staple food in college.

There was a huge map of Indonesia in front of a nice cooling waterfall thingy. I was very disappointed that they identified Singapore and Bandar Seri Begawan there, but not Kuala Lumpur.

Other pavillions:



Saudi Arabia

(The 2nd most expensive pavillion there after China)



(I swear this looks like Nike or Adidas or something. I’ve seen this somewhere!)







Unfortunately for my satisfaction (but fortunately for my poor blistered feet), I didn’t enter any of these pavillions. If you want to go there, make sure you identify beforehand a few of the ones you’re interested in. It is virtually impossible to enter all. The lines were crazyyyy long, you’d have to queue for 2-3 hours for the popular ones.

Oh and forget entering the China pavillion. You have to queue at 4 am to get tickets which will only be released at 8 am. I wasn’t that desperate to forgo my sleep!

More pavillions to come. Stay tuned.

Next I’ll write about Italy’s pavillion. Very nicely done.