LDR Day 195

May 7, 2010

I’m addicted to this song! Pls excuse the cheesy video, even I want to puke watching it. But it was the only decent one I could find on YouTube! So just close your eyes and sway. Hehe.

I’m in a lovey dovey mood.

Just came back from a wedding and also, Dean has confirmed his flight back to Malaysia for good.


LDR will be over. O.V.E.R.

No more crazy phone bills.

I get a lot of requests from my darling readers, but this one is particularly unique. And since I’m in a loved-up mood, I am going to tell you.

What have you given your partner for his birthday recently? A shirt? A pair of socks? A briefcase? A mug?

Well….This reader is a little bit different.

She is giving her partner a Facebook account of as many Birthday messages as she can get. From friends, strangers, whatever, as long as it makes her partner feel so much love on the day.

So, be a nice person and help out this reader. Just add Love Napoleon on Fb, and write “Happy Birthday” on his wall. Won’t even take 2 mins of your time.