o’2nd fashion

May 29, 2010

In Shanghai, I wasn’t looking out for the brands that I can get anywhere else. I was looking for their local brands and boutiques to search for one-of-a-kind pieces.

I found a store.

But it wasn’t from China, unfortunately. It was a Korean brand named O’2nd.

Apparently it’s a really famous high-end brand but when I went to the store, I had no idea! I was just sooo attracted to the pieces and I really felt that I couldn’t get anything like this back in KL.

O’2nd is by husband-wife designer Gene Kang and Hanii Yoon who also have the lines Obzee and Y & Kei. Fashionistas would definitely loveeeee to camp out in their stores. Using fun and humour as their inspirations, they create such cool pieces for the young and trendy!

I think their website is also worth visiting. Yeah they show the lookbooks, but they also show which celebrities have worn their pieces, tips on how to pair pieces together, categories of style that can be created by pairing different pieces together. It’s really good for styling inspirations!

I was like a little girl in a candy store. The pieces were so gorgeous and I wanted them all! The only thing was that this brand isn’t cheap as some pieces were thousands of RMB. I chose the ones I thought suited my style best. No point getting something you love looking at but will never ever wear.

RMB 3,380

I wore this pop-up ribbon blazer to the Lea Salonga concert.

RMB 3,980

RMB 1,580

Wore this casual tee to the Zara store opening.

RMB 980

Ok fine the buttons are wrongly placed but I love the cutting of this top.

Will have to move the buttons elsewhere though.

RMB 2,980

I wore this for a girly lunch and movie with Toots and Alia.

Can’t wait to go to Shanghai again (or better yet, the home of O’2nd: Korea) to see their future collections.

Oh btw I got a new camera today!!!

Oh god, I am taking pictures of everything and everyone!!  Am so excited

Oh, and here’s a photo you guys might like. 🙂