off to shanghai

May 14, 2010

I’ll be off to Shanghai tomorrow for work.

But I’m most excited about the World Expo. I really hope I’ll have the time to visit!

The 2010 Shanghai World Expo is the biggest Expos ever done (5.28 km2) and the most expensive one in the history of World Expos.

I’ve never been to a world expo before and I’m super excited to go there. No need to travel the world anymore. Just go to one World Expo and you can learn about the countries in the world! What an economical way to “travel the world”. Hehe.

Each country will have its own pavillion and in it, they will showcase their main specialties, be it their famous resources, cultural values or industries.

Malaysia Pavillion

So beautiful!

But there’s controversy because it was argued that the Minangkabau concept was from Indonesia…and there’s supposedly a golf course in there which has nothing to do with Malaysian culture. I shall report back on this! Hehe.

UK Pavillion

This was a whopping £25 million

USA Pavillion

60,000 sqf…I’ll need flats for this Expo.

Australia Pavillion

AU$ 83 million

Brasil Pavillion

Spain Pavillion

On Wiki, it says it will feature a giant animated baby installation. What on earth..?

Indonesia Pavillion

Total operation: USD 23 million

Italy Pavillion

Inspired by pick up sticks…quite cool!

Japan Pavillion

Resembles a living, breathing organism. It features automatic high-tech toilets. I know where I’m going if I need to pee.

China Pavillion

The most expensive pavillion US $220 million. Looks pretty cool huh? Very Kung Fu Panda. I likeee.

Can’t wait!

Am planning my outfits now. A lot of reds! Hehe. I should have little problem blending in since people mistake me as Chinese anyway!

Oh, can I just have a cheesy moment here and say Happy 43rd monthlyversary to Dean =))))

I received a box today of stuff from him. (perfect timing, Mr. Postman)

My present to him?

“Would you like to proof read my final paper?”

Long pause. “Is this going to be a threat?”

“Threat?! More like a treat.”

30 + pages….Oklah, why not. Guess I’m not bringing a book to Shanghai.