when sleepy, just go to sleep

May 3, 2010

I was extremely tired and sleep-deprived for these past few days. Had a flu, but I couldn’t afford to take leave so I ignored it. And seriously, when you just continue working hard and not think about you being ill, your flu goes away!!

When I got back from Sabah yesterday, I had to rush off for a lunch meeting in KL. My driver dropped me and sent my luggage home. When I got home, I saw Opah and she was crying. “Where were you!?!! They sent your bags but you didn’t come home!! Why do you do this to an old woman?” and she hugged and kissed me as if I just got back from war alive.

After spending some time with Opah, I planned on sleeping.

I should’ve slept.

Instead, I went to the salon to cut my hair. See what happens when your mind is not fully functioning?! You do the randomest things.

My sister surprised me at home with my niece. We had a girly time in my room, leafing through quality magazines (Heat, OK!, NW, you know…).

Then, out of nowhere, “Let’s go to the salon. I feel like cutting my hair.”

I suddenly got so excited to change my hairstyle. I’ve had long hair all my life and I have looked pretty much the same.

But when my stylist took out his scissors and did the first snip, I almost jumped. Oh God, what have I done?!

Section by section, months of growing my long hair just disappeared in quick and heartless snips.

My stylist VLee. Loveeee him!

It feels pretty weird having shoulder-length hair after having almost-waist-length hair for so long. But one thing for sure; my head feels so much lighter.

I’m trying to get used to this new look! Gotta embrace this new change.

You know how they say once you cut your hair short, you will feel the itch to cut it shorter and shorter? I’m no exception. I want to go a little bit shorter. Just a bit more. Hehe.

But now I truly believe that having short hair is so much more of a hassle than long hair! It needs to be maintained and paid more attention to.

I thought I could just wake up and shower and off to work.

But no, this morning I woke up looking like Mohd. Vivy.