you lost my earrings

May 20, 2010

I’ve been getting a huge surge of traffic lately, and it’s scaring me! I’m so flattered that I’m getting new readers who have taken time to leave me really sweet emails. But I want to thank this one blogger in particular. Someone showed me her very sweet blogpost. Although I don’t think I deserve the praises she gave me, I’m still very touched that she had such kind words for me. So, to Faux Fashionista, a BIG VIRTUAL HUG from me to you!! Thank you for making my day πŸ™‚


Toots and I were driving for her birthday dinner and I spotted her earrings.

Sigh. I knew this would happen.

I dug into my handbag for the 3 pairs of earrings and 2 bangles I brought for her.

“Take off your earrings. It doesn’t go with your outfit!” and shoved the 3 choices into her face. “Here, choose one.”

“I don’t care.”

“You have to. It’s your birthday.”

With a heavy sigh and some mumbling of how annoying I was, she took off her earrings and put on the ones I had brought for her.

Off we went to dinner. Me satisfied that she looks soooo much better and more birthday girl-like, and she…well…she was just happy to be meeting food.

A week later…

“TITTS, I LOST MY EARRINGS!!” She was referring to the diamond ones she initially wore.

“What? Didn’t you put them in your handbag?” I vaguely remember her fiddling with her Stam bag.

“Noooo. They’re not in the car either! I think I misplaced them somewhere. I don’t know what to do! My mom’s going to kill me!!”

A week after that…

“Mom asked me about the earrings. I totally avoided her question.”

Another week after that….

I picked her up for brunch and she looked extra happy.

“I told Mom the truth about the earrings.”

“Oh wow! You finally got the courage.”

“Yeah….She was really cool about it.”

“That’s great!”


I smelled something here. “OK, what did you do?”


“What the hell?!! You told her I LOST THEM?!!!If I weren’t driving at the time, my foot would be in her mouth.

“I’m sorryyy, I was nervous! She never gets mad at you. She loves youuuu!”

“You idiot,” I sighed. “OK fineeeee, how did I lose them this time? The wind blew them away? Or the cat ate them?”

And I listened to her story of how “I accidentally misplaced her earrings”.

Gosh! The things you do for friendship! I guess you can always count on your friends to save your bum in times of need (i.e. don’t want to get scolded by parents). God knows how many times my parents thought it was Toots’ idea to come back late at night when we were fresh teenagers. Oh, and it was HER who spilled the drink on Mom’s expensive cushion. Hehe. Who knew you’d still need them to cover you even as adults!

Toots and I are as different as night and day. She’s more chilled, I’m more uptight. She’s tall and lean, I’m short and well, not so lean. Her style is more trendy, mine is more feminine. She can leave the house without mascara, I will be there to force it on her. She’s clumsy and carefree, I’m not. She’s patient and sensible, I’m the total opposite. She was head girl, I had blond hair in school. She’s sporty, I’m girly. We are really yin and yang, and there’s check and balance all the time. We never tell what the other wants to hear, instead we tell the truth no matter how harsh it may be.

I would complain to her whenever someone or something ticks me off, and she would remind me of a time when I used to do the same thing.

“UGH, DO YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER EVERY SINGLE THING?!!” I would be so upset with her.

Her reply is short, “Of course. You’re my best friend.”

Pfftt. Look up best friend in the dictionary, why don’t you.

But deep down, I always get what she’s trying to teach me.