zara lot 10 store opening

May 26, 2010

Ok,so you come home from work and complain how tired you are being under the hot sun on a construction site, roaming the factory, writing reports and entertaining clients. And then a media friend complains she had so much to do today going to events and dressing up. Just smack her.

I envy my media friends for having the coolest job in the world. Not because they get to go events (let’s face it, it’s usually a snooty atmosphere of who looks the best). But because they get media perks!! Like discounts!! And vouchers!! And whatever else that entitles them to a different treatment.

I went to a Zara launching of its new store in Lot 10. It is now the flagship store boasting 2 floors of fashion heaven. The bottom floor is ladieswear and TRF, the top floor is menswear. (That’s right, when you’re busy, you can just shove your boyfriend upstairs and ask him to play there for a while).

I’ve always been a long-time die-hard I-want-that-now fan of Zara. According to my Oracle, it holds 30% of my wardrobe. I love that there’s something for everyone; feminine, punk, sophisticated, cute…the range of fashion is vast! So you get to experiment, mix and match all under one roof.

There is a reason why God didn’t give me this kind of body. I would be toting around town with this barely-nothing combo. And piss Mom off to no end.

She’s 5’8″ ok. Pftt.

The media grabbing whatever they fancy before the public even lay their eyes on the clothes.

Some of the stuff I grabbed .

I probably had 5 rounds in the fitting room. It is sooo much fun shopping with minimal people in the shop! No queue, no fighting, no pulling hair…

The lovely Bazaar ladies

I was carrying an armload of clothes and trying to do mental calculation of the total amount in my head. This very nice lady came up to me with a calculator and said, “Do you need help with all that?”. God-sent.