concrete cakes

June 17, 2010

Work outfit of the day

Top and bottom: Zara

Am trying out the whole high-waisted tapered-trousers thing.

Got mixed reviews from people today. Dad loved it. My maids asked where I was going. Opah didn’t notice anything. Dean kept his comments to himself but still took me out to lunch so it couldn’t have been that bad. My colleague asked me why I was looking so karate-ish with those pants (-__-). My mom loved it because I didn’t show skin. Hehe.

After a tiring start to the week, work was quite chill today. I finally got some free time, so I finished up reports and paperwork that were pending for so long! Oh I also went to check on the safety and tests carried out on our IBS products, the slabs and the blocks.

When I went to the lab, there was a test being carried out for another IBS manufacturer. It’s really interesting to see other companies’ IBS products and learn different techniques to constructing a building.

Slab by another company

This is called the loading test where load is increasingly applied onto the slab to see at what level the slab breaks. You’ll be surprised to discover that even famous IBS manufacturers don’t even have certification by authorities like SIRIM etc.

(Slabs are for the floor btw. Above you. Under you. Yeah, you’re sandwiched between these right now. Scared yet? Nolah..just don’t jump up and down so much…Muahaha)

Anyway, we had a couple of birthdays in the office this week.ย We love birthdays because that means CAKES. It’s more like “Yeah, yeah, Happy Birthday what’s-your-face, where’s the birthday cake?!”

I wanted to make a cake out of our slabs, so I sent this picture to make a cake.


Really cool right?! Although this would not pass the safety test because the surface is too smooth for bonding. Sorry, lame contractor joke.

They even added a little contractor hat! So cute!!

Red velvet block cake. I sooo recommend this flavour. Sooo yum!

Speaking of cakes, I got one to welcome Dean home.

Ok, it’s a little girly. But those black polka dots made it more manly. No? Ok.

Whatever, the cake was really meant for me.

All cakes by Gateaux-licious.

I swear, ever since Dean came back, my girlfriends have stopped calling me!!

I bbm-ed Toots.

Me: I’m still alive, thanks for asking. Pftt.

Toots: Who’s this?

Me: *not a very nice word*

Toots: Sorry Ms. *not a very nice word*, I don’t know you.