don’t fight

June 2, 2010

Something we all can relate to:

Fighting for the remote control

I love my TV. I could marry my TV. So many choices of channels and it is impossible to be bored when you have TV around.

There I was happily watching some addictive TV series. Comes in Mom who wants to watch some Malay drama. Then my sister will menyibuk wanting to watch some F1 thing. The winner of this competition? Well, we’ll all be watching some cartoon on Disney because Little Niece and Nephew won’t stop screaming at the top of their lungs. If I did that, it would not be as cute. No fair.

Then…Dad will come in, take the remote and blatantly changes the channel to the news. Nobody says a word and we will watch the news with him, frowning to ourselves.

Well, Astro answered my prayers.

They have come up with a new product called Astro B.yond PVR (Personal Video Recorder), a device which allows users to RECORD!!

Yayyy!! So when you’re really busy but you won’t be able to sleep at night without watching your favourite TV show, you can set the device to record it! Who says you can’t have best of both worlds?

In conjunction with their launch, 4 bloggers will be at Midvalley on the 5th of June at 10am-8pm (8 hours of fun in an enclosure!). They are Eyeris, Eiling, Redmummy and BeautifulNara.

They’ll be sumo-wrestling to win the PVR. Hehe.

Okla…maybe not sumo-wrestling. Or maybe yes. Even I don’t know.

If I were to set the tasks for them,  I would probably organise really kiddy games like musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey (in this case, pin the satellite dish on the TV) etc.


Who knows? Maybe they will have mini trivia of famous TV shows? Maybe arm-wrestle for a treasure hunt? Maybe have a guys vs girls competition? Or maybe do funny skits from famous comedies? OMG maybe they have to imitate a music video on Astro?! That would be funny to see them dance like the Pussycat Dolls, especially the men.

Whatever it may be, we will all find out on the 5th of June. And I’m rooting for Eiling to win! Girl Power!

They’re not the only ones who get to win!

You can too.

Astro is having this Record Rewind Pause Play (RRPP) contest.

You can get details on the Astro Facebook fanpage.