ecoparadise sauna

June 11, 2010

“I need to sign up to a gym. I feel so unhealthy!!” I whined to Adeline.

“Forget gym!! I’ll take you somewhere where you’ll sweat like crazy without even moving a muscle.”

Sounds sexy.

So, Boot and I followed Adeline to this amazing magical place where dreams come true; people sweat without exercising.

Ecoparadise in Gardens Mall.

It’s basically a sauna. They have many rooms that can fit about 3-4 people at one time, so it’s perfect for chilling with girlfriends. But it’s not just any sauna. It uses this Japanese technology to improve health.

Taken from their website:

The Ecoparadise anti-oxidant solution, developed by Barbarian Co. Ltd. is a revolutionary product created not only for health recovery of people and the purification of the environment but also for reduction of CO2 and saving energy.Barbarian Co. Ltd. is extending its’ research and development of the anti-oxidant solution. Its’ mission is to expand and promote the Anti-oxidant Solution and business throughout Japan as well as the rest of the world. After 9 years of its establishment, Barbarian, Co. Ltd. company’s health recovery and environmental cleansing projects have received more and more recognition from the society as its range of products has expanded to the construction, cosmetics, fiber and agriculture sectors.

The air we breathed in there was some kind of special pure air. If you put bread in there, it wouldn’t mould: they demonstrated this as well. Quite cool to tell people, even though I have no idea what the science behind it is.

More importantly, look how pretty!

They gave us some kind of blue uniform that made us look like prisoners. You know, banduan? Hehe.

I guess you could make it more stylo by tying here and there, and maybe strip one sleeve off (very Topshop these days…haha). Maybe sit on the floor and start sewing some sequins on the shoulders. Haha. But it’s ok, it’s just Adeline and Boot. Pftt.

Ok we look like happy sakit jiwa patients here.

The next picture shows the treatment room.

Yep, we had to sleep on the floor.

“It’s clean, don’t worry, they clean it all the time!!” Adeline assured me.

I’m sure it was, but I still used a towel as my mattress.

Actually, it didn’t matter. You’ll sweat like hell and get all dirty and salty anyway…

Boot and Adeline were being boring and decided to take a nap.

I, on the other hand, had more important things to do.

This is how you’re supposed to lay down and rest; they provide a wooden plank as your little pillow.

It’s actually not as uncomfortable as it looks.

They also provide water. It’s so hot in the room that you’ll think water never tasted so good.

I, umm, took two of those.

So, this is what jail feels like. Not so bad if you have your girlfriends with you. Hehe.

Disclaimer: I am not implying that jail is good and you should commit crime. No. Crime is bad. Proper jail does not look like this. I think.

Now, this is my favourite part; the lounge.

You can chill and people-watch. Bring your binoculars; it’ll be super funny.

Or squint really hard to check out the window displays on shops. You know, plan your next destination.

They give you some fermented fruit juice at this point. Be careful because it might be alcoholic. Adeline was extra giddy afterwards.

I absolutely fell in love with this view of the Gardens Mall.

Weee, look, I can’t fall.

They can’t see me, right??

If you were one of the people looking up at this point, I am very very very sorry.

Afterwards, we just sat in silence enjoying the view.

I look like I’m reflecting on life here, but really, I was thinking “What to eat after this?”

All that sweating made me hungry.

But I was slightly more discreet than these 2.

“Check out that hot guy!!!”


All in all, this experience was really nice and relaxing. We all felt really Zen afterwards.

According to Adeline, it also helps with water retention.

Of course, that only works if you DON’T go to PappaRich afterwards and order roti bakar peanut butter AND char kuey teow.


Each hour session is priced at RM 35, but there’s this promotion: RM 48 for 3 sessions.

And if you introduce a friend to Ecoparadise, you’ll get some free extra sessions. *stares at Adeline…I see what you did there…*

Tip: Best to come with girlfriends who love you. Your sweat patches aren’t for the faint-hearted.