italian pavillion at world expo 2010

June 1, 2010

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers some of you have left in the comment box. My relatives are trying to be strong and trying to move on with our lives, but my grandaunt will forever live on in our prayers.


As promised, the Italian pavillion post. This will be last post of the World Expo and my Shanghai trip.

Because of this Italian pavillion, I actually went to the expo twice.

The Europe area was the last area I rounded in the Expo, so by then my feet were bleeding and cursing me like crazy. But when I saw the Italian pavillion, I was really curious to see what was inside. The line was bloody long and I couldn’t allow my feet to endure 2 or 3 more hours of standing still and having people sneeze on me while we’re at it.

I showed the guard the blisters on my feet. You never know, I could pass as “handicapped” with those red monsters. But no…the guard was heartless.

So, I sneaked to the exit where people came out. The doors opened regularly, so everytime it opened for a brief moment, I would stick my head out to steal a glance or two. I couldn’t see a thing!! Except maybe these annoying big smiles on people’s faces as they came out of the pavillion. Yeah, rub it in.

I finally chatted up the guard.

Big smile.

“Hi,” I practically sang, while twirling my hair. Hey, he could let me in ok!

He nodded.

“I go inside?” I asked, pointing to the exit door.

“Nonononono. You no go.”

Oh, so that he can say. Pfttt.

“Ok…umm…what is inside?”


“Inside. Nice?” I gave him a thumbs up and a question mark sign.

“Ahh yes, yes….veli nice inside!” His face brightened.

“Oh?” I asked almost sad.

“Yes yes! Got…er…how to say….big Felali.”


“FELALI!” He made some big hand gestures. I could have sworn he was doing the cha-cha.


Sigh, we no see the Felali. We go home. Feet pain.

That night, I tossed and turned. I wondered if they have a booth on just Prada stuff. In the next room, my dad was probably thinking about the Felali. He loves cars, anyway.

I convinced him to go for the second time. And we went really early. We zoomed to the Italian pavillion (we knew the way by then…our feet were probably thinking “Oh no…this feels familiar…”) and queued up for maybe half hour. Amazingly fast for World Expo standards.

You don’t have to queue for the Italian one because I already did that for you (yes, you’re welcome…).

I saw a lot of things that can be compared with the Malaysian pavillion. The way they advertise their F1, their cars, their fashion; surpasses our creativity. After seeing the Italian pavillion, I got even more upset with our Malaysian one.

Here are the pictures of what was inside:


See how proud they are of their vehicles? Why couldn’t we proudly display Proton there?

See, Italians make furniture too. Maybe even better than our rattan ones. But no, they didn’t do a showhouse with terrible ID. They went a different path and decided to show the process of making their furniture. Leather, cotton, nails, wood, whatever else that is in a chair were displayed. It was meant to look messy to really show what really happens in a furniture-maker’s work area.

Shoe-lovers will spend ages trying to steal a shoe from this humongous red velvet stiletto.

I behaved myself but inside I was going, “OH. MY. GOD. CAN. I. TAKE. THIS. HOME.”

The way they showed their F1 Racing stuff.

Petronas!! Yayy!!

To showcase their fashion, the Italians went super size.

Creations by famous designers were displayed on giant mannequins.

THIS should be the way!! Not just display clothes on mannequins you can borrow from Topshop for a few days. Sheesh.


Dolce & Gabbana

Ermenegildo Zegna


Various other creations by whom I would not be able to find out even if I tiptoed.

An Italian restaurant for you to slurp spaghetti and eat gelatos.

OK, I’m not sure what this area was exactly, but I think they just put faces of normal Italian people and they gave a brief quotation on what Italy is all about.

The coolest thing was that there was a wall where images of these people would be walking. You can pick and touch the “people” and they will actually stop, turn around to face you, and say something. And if you let go off your hand, they will walk away. No hard feelings. If only life was that easy! Haha.

Just look at the detailing!

Colourful pastas were proudly displayed on one end, and wine bottles on the other.

After visiting the Italian pavillion, we had to go back to the hotel to check out and fly home to KL.

So I only managed to snap photos of a few other pavillions.

The Netherlands

The UK

Doesn’t it just look like a big ball of fur?

I really wanted to go in, but the queue was crazy. It went as far as….I dunno….very far la basically.


There’s Pizza Hut and KFC here. So if your stomach grumbles, you should direct your feet here.


Oh damn…maybe they had some Chanel stuff in there!!



They had cable cars!! So cool.

And of course, China.

It’s quite crazy to get inside as I mentioned in my previous World Expo post.

This most expensive pavillion will be a permanent structure in Shanghai and will not be taken down like the other pavillions. So you can still see it whenever you go to Shanghai. That’s why I didn’t bother queueing up at 4am with my pillow and bunny slippers.

Of course, before leaving, you just can’t not kiss the…I wanna say sheep? Dog? No…sheep….umm…the yellow animal goodbye.

There are hundreds more pavillions that I wished I could visit. Besides country pavillions, they also had random ones like Coca-Cola pavillion and Space pavillion. There’s something for everyone and you will never be bored there. Lost, maybe. Bored, never.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my Shanghai World Expo posts and hopefully it was beneficial to your general knowledge of the Expo.

Next Expo in Korea (2012), it’s your turn to share (bring plaster for your feet!).