just because

June 27, 2010

My brother in law called me the other day.

“Do you know if your sister wants anything in particular right now?”


This guy is so random.

“As in, I want to buy her something. Has she mentioned any wish-list to you?”




“Well…yeah…there’s this one Chanel bag she has been talking about these past few days…But it’s really expensive to buy it in KL!”

“It’s OK, anything for my wife.”

Wow…so I did what anybody would do.

“In that case, she did mention she wanted TWO Chanel bags –”

“Nice try, sis.”

Meh, worth the shot.

Of course I wouldn’t trust my BIL to go to Chanel all by himself because he will come out with the wrong bag. So off we went to KLCC. Friday evening traffic greeted us and we were both stuck with each other for what felt like years. Seriously, how do you guys working in KL deal with the traffic there??!!

So we got to talking.

“Why the sudden present?”

“Well I love to make her happy! I have a great wife who takes good care of me, serves me food on the table, gave me two beautiful children and I want to show her how much I love and appreciate her. It’s nice to surprise our loved ones out of the blue. You know, just because!”


Oh. My. God. How. Freaking. Sweet.

Either that or he did a big booboo.

Hehe. I’m kidding!

Yep, there I was working my leopard-print stilettos and BIL picks me up in his kain pelekat.

“Dude, have some respect!! You’re going to Chanel!!”

“What? It’s Friday!”

*slaps forehead*

“Walk far far away from me.”

After he swiped his card and the very nice saleslady wrapped my sister’s bag, BIL and I wanted to get some food. Too hungry from all the traffic. Grr.

We opted for KFC. Hahahaha. After spending thousands of ringgit on a bag, that was all he offered me.

Simple and low-key, just like my sister.

My sister was of course OVER THE MOON when he presented her with the bag. And they lived happily ever after.

Moral of the story is BE NICE TO YOUR SISTER.

I mean, seriously….I could have easily said she wanted a pair of socks or a pet iguana or something.