last weekend of LDR

June 13, 2010

Dean will be back next week. FOR GOOD. Yay!! Soon, I’ll be able to say I survived LDR! Ok fine it was quite short; less than a year. But hey, I’m not a big fan of LDRs.

My girlfriends knew that they’d be invisible blurry to me after Dean comes back (haha I AM JOKING) so I was pretty excited to plan this weekend. In my mind, there would be a mix of spas, manicures, cupcakes and having pillowfights in our nighties… haha yes boys, we girls do this everyday, right girls? 😉

But guess what I’m doing this weekend?


Our Thai partners are in town and I had to prepare for the shareholder meeting. We are of course delighted whenever our overseas counterparts come to visit us, so we feel it our responsibility to be with them as much as we can throughout their visit. Some see it as work, but I think it is an opportunity. You get to see them out of their suits, their work-mask off, and underneath a very relaxed demeanor. Then you realise all these men are human beings too, so you shouldn’t be nervous when dealing with them. And out of nowhere, you might even find another opportunity to expand your business with them. Like my dad always tells me, if your soul is clean when doing business, God will grant you even more out of nowhere.

Anyway, I still wanted to spend time with Toots. So while she did her hair, I very loyally sat next to her and did my work on my laptop.

I even treated myself to some shoes from Aldo.

Couldn’t decide!! Got some help from Twitter friends on which ones to choose.

Girls will be girls ok. No such thing as no time. WILL MAKE TIME FOR SHOES!

I was rushing the details and summarising the monthly reports into a 2-page overview. I don’t have a printer at home, so I had to find a place that can print and photocopy for me. I realised I forgot something, so I had to run back there again to print another set of documents.

I just got back from the meeting. Guess what? They didn’t even look at the report!! :((( The focus of the meeting was on another issue, and they weren’t too bothered about the micro bit with figures and all.

Such is the life of an employee! Hehe. But even so, what I learned from my CFO; never come to a meeting unprepared. It’s better that people don’t ask what you know than people ask what you don’t know.

Tomorrow, I’ve got to be at the factory in the morning. Sunday morning. I usually have a facial session on Sunday mornings, but unless I can get them to put a facial room for me in the factory, it’s dust facial for me tomorrow.

Have a great weekend, everybody! 🙂