LDR Day 234: The End of LDR

June 15, 2010

Warning: Cheesy post. People with low tolerance of mushy-ness or prone to puking, pls ignore this post.

Dean is arriving in exactly 1 hour.

Is it weird that I’m nervous?! Haha. We have gotten used to LDR and will have to remember those non-LDR times. Of course, with both of us working, things won’t be as fairy-tale-ish as when we were students. We’ll both be busy career people and this will be a new chapter for PD and Dean.

The real-life-can-you-two-get-down-from-cloud-9 one.

Wish us luck 🙂

I received this cute delivery today.

“Happy 44 months and one day. I’M COMING HOME.”

I want to call him right away but he’s on the plane!!

The first thing I thought (after “Awwww…”) was WHY IS THE GIRL TEDDY BEAR BIGGER THAN THE BOY TEDDY BEAR?!!

Then I thought, ooohhh chocolates!

*noises of chocolate wrapper being torn*

I’m starting to think he’s the more romantic one…

*chocolate stain all over mouth*