memory box

June 5, 2010

I have a memory box for every stage of my life; primary school, high school, college, uni. I try to keep them separate but somehow things always get jumbled up! I want to do something about it, but things keep coming up that seem more fun than sorting out memory boxes. -__-

I was clearing up some of the unwanted stuff in my room and stumbled upon some of the memory boxes.

Clockwise from top left: Money notepad from visiting Toots in Melbourne, scientific calculator from A Level Maths, a secret diary Boot and I exchanged in high school, my homemade placecard from my 21st birthday party, various designer tags that I can’t bear to throw away.

My dancing shoes! Yep, I used to dance a long time ago. Then I started discovering food and could no longer lift up my legs.

My photo box! It was so nice going through this and thinking of the good times in my life. ๐Ÿ™‚ And the funny thing was I liked the fact that everything was all jumbled up together, so it was surprise after surprise going through the photos.

Clockwise from top left: Dean, me chomping on Buttercup red velvet cupcake on the way to Paris, ID photos that make me look like crap all the time, 5 ducks from 5 Science 1 studying hard for SPM, my happy moment graduating.

Some of the photos in there touched my heart:

Little Nephew kissing newborn Little Niece.

Don’t worry, she’s a million times cuter now. Not nearly as red and crunched up. Phew.

And other photos just made me laugh:

My experience going fake-tanning. NEVER AGAIN. I looked fresh off the boat. *cries*

Then there were random baby photos! Don’t you just love looking at your baby photos?

It’s like looking at some random baby who you don’t know, but because your mom insists that this is you, you just think “When was this?!” or “Man, I’m so cute!!!”.

Or in my case, “MOM, WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY FACE?!!!!”

Apparently I had an eye infection and no, my sister didn’t punch me in the face. *suspicious face..*

And it looked as if I couldn’t see properly and poor me just wandered around aimlessly knocking against walls and stuff.

Worst of all, I walked around in public like that for weeks!!


Adult PD would never let this happen.