rama v

June 15, 2010

It’s Rama FIVE. Not Vee.

The award-winning Thai restaurant.

The last time I came here was for my 16th birthday dinner.

6 years later, I don’t see a whole lot of change except more tables.

If they can retain the authenticity of this Rama V restaurant concept for more than god knows how many years and STILL have a full-house, you know they’re doing well.

I was so excited to eat because Thai cuisine is high in my preference list!

So let me talk about the food.

I can write about handbags and its stitching or clothes and its cutting, but when it comes to food, I run out adjectives! I’m not a food critic (nor am I a cook!) so I don’t really know how to put the eating experience into words. Basically, what you’ll get from me is: YUMMY or NOT YUMMY.

The dishes: They all had glamorous Thai names, but I can’t remember them.

Fried prawn

The duck thing on top is sooo cute!

Thai fish cake

It was slightly spicy which gave flavour to an otherwise bland fishcake.

You can’t come here without trying the fishcakes!

Pandan chicken

It was nice, but I have to admit, I’ve tasted nicer pandan chicken.

Minced chicken and prawn wrapped in crispy egg noodle

My favourite! Crispy on the outside and soft inside. It was really tasty too. Yummm.

Fried squid

I was slightly disappointed to see this type of squid. I like the small crunchy ones with salt and pepper. This one was pretty normal. Squid with batter.

Fish with Thai sauce

This was yumm-ehhh!

Tom Yam

I loveee their tomyam. It’s not too spicy and not too sour. Everybody’s preference of tom yam differs which makes it really difficult for restaurants! The tomyam at Rama V is generally mild. If you like more intense taste, you can just ask them for a hotter one.

And there was a hugeeee prawn on top which was really yummy. When I saw this, I forgot my seafood allergy straight away. Rash smash. I’ll deal with the redness later.

This one came in a coconut shell and had bits of coconut in it. If coconut isn’t your thing, they also have the normal tom yam. Served in a bowl. Boring.

Green Curry chicken

I didn’t taste this because it was at the other end of the table and I was lazy. But heard it was good.


Clearly, I didn’t taste this either. Allergic to veg.

To be fair, my selection of food isn’t very accurate to give them a real review of their authentic Thai food. You should really check out the Chef’s Pick in their website. The pictures themselves will make you drool.

Sorry had to pixelate, these 2 other people are really really shy.

To be honest, Rama V’s biggest charm isn’t necessarily the food.

It’s the place itself.

A quiet bungalow nestled in the heart of busy Kuala Lumpur, the concept of this restaurant is one of a kind. The outlook of the bungalow is pretty mediocre, but when you come in, it’s simply beautiful. The ambiance, the lighting, the decor, the carvings; all make up this unique Thai restaurant.

There are four little chalets where you can dine privately. Perfect for a party!

You’ll be charmed by the beautiful detailing of these chalets.

The only thing is the table is huge so you’ll have to help pass food to your friends at the other end!

Beautiful! You just have to try it!

Oh and seriously, excuse yourself, go to the toilet and camwhore there. It’s so nice!

Rama V Restaurant

5, Jalan U-Thant, Kuala Lumpur

+603 2143 2663