sereni & shentel

June 26, 2010

I admire ladies who are brave enough to start something of their own. Believe me, I’m also in the process and it really ain’t that easy. The researching and planning usually take months, if not years! And on top of that, you also have to be courageous and have tireless determination to power through.

That’s why I like this brand, Sereni & Shentel. Two Malaysian ladies who started a business of a niche nature; headwear.

Why, how clever!! So convenient for me, a headband-lover.

Their headbands are unique and very innovative. I love how the workmanship is top-notch and the designs unapologetically stand out. S&S is really great for ladies who like to dress up for a fun night out and go all out, but there are also designs for more boring girl-next-door-ish types like me.

I was so excited when the parcel arrived.

Blair in Navy

Mini Ice Ice in Mocha

This headband broke!!! Totally my fault though…I urmm…sat on it. Ugh, so stupid!!

Sereni & Shentel products have been featured in so many magazines, local and overseas. Very cool.

I love how I’m so proud to wear a Malaysian brand that’s recognised in other places too!

Plenty plenty more to choose from on their website (there’s a little pic of me there!).

Bring out the Blair Waldorf in you and order online here.