sex and the city 2

June 20, 2010

Sigh…it’s so hard being a girl.

You have to study hard, you have to work hard, you have to cook and clean (this deserves a paragraph of its own, actually), you have to buy groceries, you have to touch up the colour of your roots, you have to wax, you have to sort out your cuticles, you have to deal with acne and cellulite, you have to exercise, you have to pretend you know who Wayne Rooney is (Coleen McLoughlin’s husband! Cue: OHHHH!!!), you have to buy clothes and handbags and accessories and sunglasses and shoes, you have to learn all the different types of shoes, you have to wobble in stilettos and pretend they don’t hurt even when blood is dripping off your feet, you have to get fat and pregnant, you have to work hard to lose the baby weight, you have to deal with stretch marks, and to top it all off, you have to freaking give birth.

That’s right, men. We deserve anything we ask for. *flips hair*

Anyhoo, with all these things on our to-do list, we have a huge responsibility. Even when times are hard, we have to do what a girl has to do.

That’s right.

We have to watch Sex and The City 2.

I was so excited for this movie to come out, and I had to hear all sorts of reviews from my friends overseas who have seen this movie like a gazillion years ago. WHY OH WHY do movies come out later in Malaysia!?!

Finally I watched it yesterday with Toots.

And seriously, screw all the bad reviews; it was AWESOME.

Let’s put the clothes on hold for a second.

The story line wasn’t bad either! In fact, I thought it was better than the 1st one. Miranda deals with the stay-at-home-mom vs working mom issue, Samantha hilariously deals with menopause and hot flushes, and Charlotte deals with motherhood issues where her two daughters are driving her crazy. But of course, the focus of this movie (if not the clothes) is on Carrie’s life after marriage. Is it really fairytale after you say I Do? With that closet, I will MAKE it a freaking fairytale.

Ok, now the wardrobe by Patricia Field, probably the most famous stylist in the world.

To be honest, I wasn’t so thrilled about most of the clothes. Yes they were expensive and nice to look at, but there was definitely too much going on and some pieces freaked me out. It was too fashion-forward for simple old me. Oh, and Christian Louboutin basically vomited all over the wardrobe in this movie. I am getting sick of the scarlet sole. *hand over mouth…oh god…I take that back…*

Matthew Williamson

I’m usually not attracted to Samantha or Miranda’s styles in SATC so I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t like any of the clothes they wore in the movie. Carrie’s outfits are usually outrageous but if you dissect the outfit and see them as separate items, they’re quite nice actually. But I’ve always secretly thought that they looked nice on her because she’s so skinny, she’d look good wearing a paperbag.

I usually like Charlotte’s wardrobe in Sex and The City, but Patricia Field made her look very First Lady-ish with the matching skirtsuits and clothes that were better fit for slightly older people. Actually, they were 40-ish in this movie, so I’m just going to slap myself for saying that.

Oh, but there were 3 times in the movie that I actually mentally noted down what Charlotte was wearing.

I swear Toots and I went “Wowwww” when she came out.

Love the bright red maxi. I also loveee Carrie’s pastel halter maxi with the belt.

But overall, I only really liked Carrie’s wardrobe in the movie.

She covered everything! Nudes, sequins, casual tees, LBDs, even bathrobes, and of course the gorgeousssss colours. Heck, I even liked what she wore to sleep!! The “kaftan” she wore in Abu Dhabi (when she couldn’t sleep and went to the kitchen) was so nice , I want to make one for myself. She wore a lot of Halston dresses (even opened the movie with the white knee-length Halston), with colours that popped. They were breathtaking, but the volume and tiers are very hard to pull off if you’re not skinny. My favourite outfit of hers was were the gorgeous pink she wore in the desert tent and the ABSOLUTELY JAW-DROPPING orange Halston she wore when she read the bad review of her new book. Oh, and of course, the grand finale dress, the GREEN one. Ugh, forget it, I can’t do this.

Can you just excuse me for a second while I wipe my saliva off the floor.

I loved them all.

EXCEPT that Dior outfit. The skirt was only fit for runway and I generally don’t like items that scream the brand across your boobs. J’adore Dior? Yeah, J’adore FLASHY.

She also wore this John Galliano for Christian Dior dress. Remember when she wore this to confront Mr. Big’s ex-wife?

Is it me or does she really look like Jennifer Aniston?

Anyway, you will surely come out laughing, especially at Samantha’s menopausal moments. There was this one scene with her orange ostrich Birkin that was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing. I also really liked the setting of this movie. The aircraft and hotel were gobsmackingly beautiful, Toots and I had mouths wide open throughout the movie. Does anyone know if it’s a real hotel?

Overall, I liked the message of the movie. Respect, friendship, loyalty; some of the traits shown. But what’s unique about this movie was that they showed the Islamic culture and how Muslim women lived in the Middle East. Towards the end, they showed that underneath it all they were just girls who loved fashion as much as the next person. There was a scene of a Muslim woman wearing the hijab with lots of sequins at the hem and I liked what Carrie said at the end of the movie; something about we all should stay true to our tradition and culture, but in the process, it’s ok to make it your own.

It made me think that we should stick to our cultural tradition and religious teachings, but we should also be ourselves and personalise the tradition to make it our own (without, of course, ridiculing or changing the content of our beliefs)

If those are not enough reasons for you, well…the men….are…..really….HOT.

Oh! Oh!

I would like to leave us all with this image.

To my future husband, please take note.

Actually, I would like both sides of the wardrobe, thanks.