so build me up

June 2, 2010

When I finished my last exam ever, Dean surprised me with roses outside the building.

Dean finished his university life yesterday and LDR meant that I could just go “Yayyyy!!” on the phone.


I wanted to surprise him so I got him a yummy treat.

Buttercup cupcakes!!

Yep, gotta fatten him up. Can’t be the fat one in the relationship. :'(

There’s something different about the Buttercup cupcakes. The cake is just perfect; not too dry, not too moist. And the icing…oh the icing. Exactly how I love it; thick and rich. I don’t like the runny thin buttery ones, don’t know why some people still make those.

I loved them so much that I had custom-made cupcakes for every guest at my birthday party in London.

One of the Buttercup stores is in a little shop among streets of houses. It would be such a nice walk after Saturday brunch with Dean, especially in the spring/summer when you’re not fighting wind and rain with a turned-inside-out umbrella (ugh winter…).

And you’ll always leave the store not only smelling of sweet sugar, but feeling happy too. The staff are so welcoming and cheerful and if you’re nice to them, they’ll even let you eat the variety of sugar toppings in their kitchen.

We would buy an abundance of cupcakes simply because I could never decide which one I want! Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, toffee banana, peanut butter…then of course, they’d have different flavoured icing to choose from as well! Man!! It’s harder than SPM.

Dean has his one favourite; their limited edition Oreo cupcakes.

So that’s what I got him. A dozen Oreo cupcakes, for every day until we see each other again. Ok, cream-cheesy much? Hehe.

When I finished my exams, I remember skipping home straight to bed. Was too tired to do anything or talk to anyone.

So I asked Dean, what will be the first thing you do after your last day in uni?

“Play video games. Duh.”

Ah…such maturity…

But 5 minutes later….

Poor guy sleeping on the chair.

Congratulations, Dean!

Good night!