sof and ron

June 3, 2010

Every couple needs to have a couple friend.

Because apparently people don’t like it when you spend dinner just admiring each other’s faces. Gasp.

For Dean and I, I think it’s safe to say that one of our favourite couple friend is Sofia and Ron.

We shared LOTS of laughter and happy moments during our uni days. Well, Sof and I did. Ron and Dean were busy cursing each other at Fifa Mifa something.

Four individuals means four different characters and it’s not easy to find 4 people who can click together. But Dean and I could not find a flaw in this longtime couple. Well, not major ones anyway. Let’s face it, Sofia’s not perfect. Haha.

Dean and Ron don’t have to talk. Leave them in a room with PS3, and they’re best friends.

Ahhh such a cute couple no?

From their love for tennis….

….to their geekiness of gadget stuff….

….to matching clothes *slaps forehead*

Sof and I need no introduction (but I’ll do it anyway!).

We have been best friends since high school when the label Duck was born between 6 friends. Since then, we have never let go of one another. We have been separated by continents countless times but the power of Facebook and BBM is stronger than the ocean.

I remember each time we were parting for a long period of time, we would write long soppy emails because we wouldn’t be able to face each other and say those words with a straight face. We’d cry and cry thinking our friendship would fade, but then we’d msg each other almost everyday until there’s nothing left to say! Then we’d meet one day and as if nothing had changed, “Mehhh, you again.”

Now we are again separated due to work demands. Sof is attached to a very famous law firm in London, on her way to earning big bucks as a power lady lawyer. As most of you know, I, on the other hand, am working in Malaysia.

This time, it’s for real. We don’t know how long we’d be apart for. I’m saddened not to have her home in KL, but I’m rooting for her all the way from here. Work hard, Sof. Get me that Birkin you promised.

Back to Sof and Ron, they have just celebrated their seven year anniversary.

Oh you read that right.


3 years more, and they’d be a decade old.

How a 7-year relationship works?

“Dunno…” Sof would answer, yawning.

Basically, after 7 years you can forget the lovey-dovey letters and roses. Sof and Ron are the most chillax couple ever, and they’re so grandpa-grandma-ish, it’s freaky!

This is 7 years for you.

They are probably the longest-running couple I know and jokes aside, they have survived many many challenges. Being a Malay-Chinese couple, it’s expected that they would have some obstacles along the way, especially when it comes to religion and the future. But they have stayed strong and proved everybody wrong.

They stuck by each other and never gave up.

You’d be blind not to see the love these two people have for each other.

To Sof and Ron, Happy 7 year anniversary!