the girlfriends test

June 29, 2010

Yes, yes, all is good when you meet someone and fall in love. It’s just the two of you, time actually stops when you are together…the moon smiling down on you, the sun shining brightly, birds singing love songs for you… it’s you and him in a big bubble of love. Everything is peachy and dandy, nothing can tear you apart.

Then…. it’s time.

Time for the guy to meet the girlfriends….who will definitely burst that bubble of love with all sorts of embarrassing questions and interrogation.

I met L for the first time and ahem made my assessment whether or not he’s fit for our M. The dinner was also to celebrate Sha’s homecoming!!

Waiting anxiously for Sha to arrive

Yayy!! Doesn’t she look gorgeous donning the hijab?

I gotta say, from my observations, L did a wonderful job winning the hearts of M’s girlfriends. He dressed well i.e. shirt (no boys, chains, wifebeater tanks and sunglasses indoors is NOT decent…TRUST ME, we’ve had this one nincampoop trying to date our girl…helll noooo), he opened the door for me, he let me walk first, he was patient with our complicated orders, he laughed at my lame jokes, he actually paid for dinner even though we insisted he didn’t, and the ultimate test of all; he didn’t even utter a complaint when he had to be the photographer for 3 camwhoring ladies.

Clap clap clap!

But really….any girlfriend would really look at this; how he treats our friend.

L passed with flying colours….for now. Still on probation. Hehe.

It was nice to be reunited again, ladies!

We had dinner at Cafe Barbera on Lorong Maarof. Sha found it on the internet and insisted we try it.

Owned by Pak Lah’s family

Sliced baguette with cheese

Sliced baguette with Prawn Cheese Dip

Parpadelle something something with pesto

Mushroom Fetuccine

Stir Fried Beef with Spaghetti


Banana crepes, I think?

Chocolate fondant

In general, the food was reallyyyyyy yummy. I especially love the creamy pastas but I made a mistake of having too many creamy dishes that I almost puked at the end of the night. Try the prawn cheese dip. Oh sooo yummy.

I’m actually in Jakarta now and as usual, love it here! See you guys in the next post! 🙂