the power of vara

June 1, 2010

When we think Ferragamo, we instantly think of the infamous Vara ribbon.

The most popular use of them is of course the flats.

Guys, you want to win that girl’s heart? Get her a pair of Vara (see correction at the bottom of post) flats. She’s yours.

Admittedly, they are one of my most terrible weaknesses (God knows I have a lot of those!). My Vara flats family is ever growing and I can’t seem to get enough of them! If they weren’t so expensive, I’d buy every colour in the store!

Black suede, black leather, black patent….*sits down…headache…*

How does a girl choose?!!

Beauty can be poison. Because even though they are gorgeous, comfort-wise: I’d give them a 7. (I give Chanel flats a 9.5!)

These babies have given me lots of blisters in the early days. After a while, my fat feet won by stretching them out to the maximum.

Look how red!

Then of course there are the Vara headbands.

I love them but they make me look like I’m Suri Cruise’s friend. I already look young enough as it is!

They love the ribbon so much that they made a tyrannosaurus-sizedΒ display of it!

Hairclips, clutches, bags, keychains, we can’t get enough of this ribbon. But seriously, please don’t wear all of them at once.

Now, they’ve come up with Vara pouches. Because your expensive make-up needs an expensive home.

At RM 690, they are available in Ferragamo stores in KL.

When I have a daughter, I think I’m going to name her Vara.

Siti Hermes doesn’t sound so appealing anymore.

Siti Vara sounds cooler.


UPDATE: Kayla in the shoutbox kindly pointed out that the shoes are actually called Varina, not Vara. She’s right. Whooppsss, sorry Salvatore for the mistake!

Basically the older ones with the tiny heels are called Vara. The flats are called Varina (means “little Vara”).

But the bow itself is called the Vara bow.

So, phew…I can still name my daughter Siti Vara.

Siti Varina doesn’t sound too hot.