TLC Series: I pledge…

June 30, 2010

TLC (The Truly Loving Company) is a company that sells household cleaning products and also bodycare products. If you don’t know about TLC, that is all it is to you.

Well, there’s more to TLC than that.

All of its dividends are given to charity. 100%. There are currently 5 charities that they work with, and more information can be gotten from their website.

They have recently come up with a campaign called “TLC Promise Me” pledge. Basically, you can take on a pledge to help an individual with a unique request. Some might want to learn English, some might want to get a haircut, some might want to be taken out to dinner; their wishes range hugely.

I, along with other 4 other bloggers, have decided to take on pledges of our own.

We had to do a little media shoot for this campaign. I was fine when I walked in, but as soon as the red light on the camera came on, I went blank. Which is so weird because I’m so talkative in real life!!

Oh god, it went so bad…. I hope you never see the roll. Actually, I hope you guys get to see it! But as soon as my pale face comes on screen, you’ll accidentally sit on the remote and switch off the TV or something….

But anyway, that should be the least of anyone’s concern. Back to the focal point here. We were given a video presentation of what TLC is all about, and the graphics of the charity homes made us all emotional. Seriously, we have it so good. The charity homes have put a smile on their faces, but there’s really no reason why we shouldn’t give them a bigger smile.

All of us getting emotional

My reasons to take on a pledge are simple:

  1. This campaign is unique in that it actually helps individuals personally and helps them fulfil their own personal dream.
  2. TLC is a charitable organisation that finds other means to raise funds (selling products) rather than asking outrightly.
  3. I feel responsible as a healthy and able human being to make someone else happy.

I have been assigned to a 60-year old lady from NASAM (National Stroke Association Malaysia). I don’t want to reveal her wish yet. Surprise for the next post! 🙂 I will take you through my journey with her in my TLC Series and I hope this will somehow motivate you to take on a pledge of your own.

The TLC Promise Me pledge campaign will be launched on the 5th of July at 4 pm in Bangsar Shopping Centre concourse. It will be officiated by Dato Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil. Come join us and help make a difference.