of girls and mascaras

June 8, 2010

See, when you learn that your friends have the day off, there’s only one thing to do.

Switch off your phone.

Because if not, they will bombard you with these kind of stupid messages:

“I’m still in bed, are you in the office working hard? Wink”

“Oh, not replying…I’m having Desperate Housewives marathon in my living room.”

“Oh, I have the day off today, didn’t you know?”

Since I couldn’t switch off my phone (because my dad will probably call the police if he can’t get me on the phone! And Dean will go mental. Sigh, the men in my life love me too much!), I forced Toots to pick me up for lunch.

Hey, might as well be chaffeur-driven by your I’m-on-leave-are-you-jealous? friend.

We hardly have lunch together because she works in town and to get there and back, it will take my whole lunch hour!

So we were so excited to be having lunch together, probably the first in history of our working lives. So excited that after lunch, she dropped by the office for the first time and I gave her a tour as she excitedly took pictures. We have many beautiful paintings all over the office which my dad collected, but even so, Toots was particularly amazed by this one beautiful artwork.


So on her day off, she still went to an office albeit not her own! Office-sick much?

Oh, we also camwhored for a few minutes. (I normally do work, I swear)

Ok fine…I camwhored. She just happened to be in the picture.

Oh! Oh!

This is exciting.

My life is complete now.

I have found THE most perfect mascara.

Diorshow Extase.

Ecstacy for eyelashes, alright.

I’ve always been a fan of Dior mascaras and I don’t bother going anywhere else!

Ok, now, that picture is just a lie. Ms. Bellucci is obviously wearing fake eyelashes there, but yes, this mascara is amazing. We’ll almost look like that.

Get it get it get it!!