a relaxed saturday

July 26, 2010

In my couple of days here, I keep forgetting that I’m a working girl! I feel like I’m in uni again. I’m so relaxed as compared to fast-paced KL. In KL, even in car rides I’m doing something related to work. The only time I have is during weekends and even that it’s sometimes spent on work because ahemmm I live with my boss.

Top: Thepoplook.com

I had such a nice Saturday morning yesterday.

I had my first gym session with the trainer and it was so hard. I haven’t gym-ed for over a year and my limbs were probably shocked with me working them out. If they could talk, my arms and legs and abs would probably be saying, “What IS this feeling?!! Us no like…”

After that, I walked to the high street and had breakfast. I would NEVER have done this in KL. Walking around all disgusting from the gym, in sneakers and sweatpants. And NO MAKE-UP *gasp*.

The weather is fantastic here. Sunny but cool, it’s perfect for weekend walks and picnics.

Cheese and mushroom croissant

All that hard work at gym…and this is what I do next. *slaps forehead*

I look disgusting, I know! I realllyyyyyy need to find time to do my roots pronto.

I stopped by the grocery store on the way back and just spent time looking around. There’s something about grocery stores here that are so fun! Weird, I know. In KL, I go get what I need from the supermarket and off I go. I mean, there’s really nothing much to look at. Everyone’s so practical back home.

The supermarket here (I went to Whole Foods) is slightly more personalised. There were colourful signs showing daily offers everywhere, the labels of goods were eye-catching and interesting to look at, there was a huge bakery with extensive choice of bread, some Did You Know? facts posted everywhere, some featured products on nice displays. It’s like a field trip in there! Hehe.

I love mushrooms!

Rice, nuts, cereals were sold by weight; so that you get exactly how much you need. Interesting concept.

I don’t know why I took this picture; I just thought it was cute – 4-pack sodas

A cheese room

Monday to Sunday activities; there were cooking workshops, daily offers, tips and some other fun stuff.

Meringues and brownies; oh so inviting.

Interesting way to display eggs, I thought.

Chocolate shampoo and conditioner!! How yumm

Chilli Chocolate; slightly odd.

Hazulnut cream in a tube!!! I’d eat it just like that if I could.

Sadly, it’s super duper fattening so I would just take it around and smell it when I’m hungry hehe.

I’m loving my time in London!

There’s something interesting everyday and I’m just over-excited with all this free time I have. I’m even blogging more often. Even work doesn’t feel like work here. Well, for me anyway. I’m sure people working in London would disagree with me! Hehe. Maybe I’m just being jakun.

Having said that, I can’t live like this for long! I miss KL! I miss the busy-ness, going to the office and all!! I bet my colleagues miss me. *coughs*