back from jakarta

July 2, 2010

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Headband: Deepa Gurnani

Am back from Jakarta! Having a cold – standard procedure after coming back from Jakarta. Everytime! I love the city, but man…the pollution.

Anyway, while I was there, I got the chance to attend a dinner hosted by our Deputy Prime Minister for the Malaysian community in Jakarta.

He gave a speech on the good relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia, and also updated our Malaysians there on the RMK 10 and how awesome it is. People asked so many questions, especially the eager students there. One guy even asked 5 questions at once! How’s the nuclear power technology, what is Malaysia doing about biotechnology, what’s this we hear about the GLCs in trouble, what is the RMK 10 all about.

OMG dude. Go and read the online newspaper. The DPM isn’t your The Star.

I would’ve lost my patience with all those questions. But erm that’s why I’ll never be the DPM. I was so impressed with how calm and patient he was and he answered questions so intelligently. When put on the spot, he didn’t avoid the challenging questions posed to him. Very good DPM we have!

How cool is his batik shirt?

Personally, I really like his family; very humble people. I once saw him and his kids at the pasar malam a few years ago minding their own business buying cheap food like any one of us! People didn’t recognise him or something because they just walked pass him. I mean, hello, bow!! Hehe.

His wife is lovelyyy too! A friendly people person, who actually stops to talk to you no matter who you are. Always dresses nicely and carries herself well (important factor in a politician’s wife), yet very simple demeanor.

Anyway, at dinner, I sat next to an ambassador’s wife. Had a really good time talking to her about Jakarta and her experience living away from home. p/s: we both agreed that Indonesian women really know how to take care of their image and we Malaysians should pay more attention to grooming!

Top: Danar Hadi

On the flight back home, I got to sit with my dad and we had such a great time laughing and making jokes. I’m an adult growing up, but I’m still a proud Daddy’s girl at heart and I don’t see that ever changing. I consult him in practically every area of my life, even boyfriend choices! Hehe. He’s a very tough guy who is super strict with his kids, but mehhh, I know the way to his heart.

I’m so lucky to have a great set of parents. Both my mom and dad are the most precious people to me.

Working in my dad’s company doesn’t mean I get to see my dad very often. He’s so busy and travels frequently that sometimes I don’t even see him in the office. And when I do see him, it’s on a professional basis that I can’t kiss or hug him like how I would at home.

Sometimes it’s funny. I don’t know when to differentiate boss time and daddy time because we often talk about work. Until now, I don’t know whether to address him as Daddy or something else in the office! I mean, it’s superficial to not call him Daddy because obviously my colleagues know we’re related! At the same time, it’s deemed unprofessional to call him Daddy, especially when guests are around.

So, I just go, Umm…here’s something for you to sign…”

Or I cough, so we can make eye contact. Hehe.

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(Malaysian online shopping website by 2 sisters…awesome stuff)

I did some property rounds just to update myself on their statuses. Picture above is taken in the new apartment. It’s almost ready and I’m so thrilled with it!! Can’t wait to share with you snippets of it. All works done by Palazio Sdn. Bhd.

Happy the weekend is here. Need ample rest! So tired.

Have a great weekend, you guys!