baked macaroni

July 11, 2010

Cravings are annoying! I found that out last weekend.

The whole day I kept thinking about baked macaroni.

I wanted baked macaroni in my mouth so bad that my tummy was getting angry. I thought so hard on which restaurant sold baked macaroni but I couldn’t recall any.

I asked friends and even publicly announced my desperate craving on Twitter. Got some help but they all suggested the macaroni and cheese kind.

I didn’t want macaroni and cheese!!!

I wanted baked macaroni.

Like not the Italian lasagne type. More like the Malay-style homemade baked macaroni. I tasted it somewhere a long time ago. I can remember the taste perfectly, but the place just slips my mind like wet soap. My memory is useless sometimes.

Anyway, it was more like the macaroni goreng style with tomatoes and peas and onions and stuff. And then they put cheese on top, then they bake it. And when you cut it, it becomes like a slice of cake. All the macaroni stick together like a perfect piece. It was soft, tasty and just melted in my mouth.

I think this is how they did it. I don’t remember!! I wish I could meet the chef and be best friends with him or her.

Since I was going into depression thinking about how every restaurant is useless because they don’t have baked macaroni in their menu, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Make my own.

Somehow this was the end result.

It wasn’t the one I dreamed about. The macaroni kind of fell apart when I put it on my plate and I don’t remember all those egg pieces in the original one I tasted (I was advised to put egg to help the macaroni stick together). We also didn’t have cheese at home, so the macaroni at the top became so hard that it was almost keropok macaroni. Oh, we also didn’t have tomatoes. Wow, we need to go to the supermarket.

Despite all that, it was really yummy. I proudly finished half of the tray.

But hey, I was really hungry after all that anticipation.

Does anybody know what I’m talking about? Baked macaroni goreng….


*cricket sound*